Hi! Hope you’re all doing well. Today I am going to share a short write-up.

Hope you like it.

The Silent Observer

||The Silent Observer||

My life went by in looking at everything. I saw a woman screaming for help, but I chose not to be involved. I saw a child getting slapped by his father for wanting a candy, and I just walked by, choosing not to interfere. I saw a colleague being denied a promotion because of which gender he loves; I chose to stay quiet in the fear of losing my own. I used to laugh at those who said we needed change. I chose to stay away and created blissful oblivion for myself. A world where everything was alright. A world I had crafted to keep myself uninvolved.

Now, I am here and I see everything. The oblivion I had crafted, shattered to bits. My life long wish of being The Silent Observer has been granted.

I look at her as she scrounges for food in the garbage. I look at him, as he is denied job after job for his skin color; with no money to feed his little daughter at home. I look at the boy as he runs away from home, for he’d rather wear a dress. I look at all this and it pains me to know I never did anything, and now I can’t. The oblivion I lived in was made of poison.

What further horrifies me is the fact there are millions who have crafted oblivion just like mine. And every day, it grows stronger.

You see so much around you and you wonder. You have the power to make changes, but you hope somebody else does it. You have the capability to make things right, but you chose to stay away from the trouble.

Don’t make the same mistakes as me. No matter how little, try to make a change.
Don’t become The Silent Observer.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to get some feedback! ♥

Until Next Time...3


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