||The Lost Young Love||

“Grandma, what’s in that box?” 13-year-old Betsy asked.

“Old photographs and books. You can go through it if you like.” Her grandma replied smiling.

Betsy opened the box and sat on the floor for hours as she looked through pictures of her mother as a child, and old yellowing books her grandmother had kept from her school days. She was about to close the trunk when she saw a small piece of torn paper at the bottom.

Curious, she took it out and precariously opened it. It looked like a 5-year-old had written it.

And it read: “Will you marry me?”


Betsy went to find her grandma and questioned her about the note.

A flash of emotion passed her grandmother’s face and she replied: “Not all love stories have a happy ending, sweetie. “ After a pause, she added, “The meaning of love was just much more than we thought.”


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