Hi! My name is Jess. I blog about books, and about things I believe in. Mainly books!

To see my blog posts Click here, but read on to find out more about me and why I started blogging?

Why I started blogging? 

I started my blog in November 2016. I did a few posts, but slowly dropped it as I wasn’t aware on how to do anything or I didn’t even know why I was doing this. My friends were not supportive. My family was but at the time I had no idea on what posts I should do. I “re-started” my blog in April 2018. At the time I had 1 follower and now, in February 2019 I have more than 200 followers and I couldn’t be happier! The reason I wanted to re-start my blog was I wanted to be heard. I wanted another platform, on which I could talk about the topic I loved more than anything. Reading and writing. At first, I have to admit I was scared. I was very insecure about what I posted. Slowly, as I read other blog’s I opened up. I wrote more freely. I write short stories. I want to post them too. But I never get around to writing my thoughts on paper. I don’t write stories, I watch them in my head. So, I really need to write more! Anyways, back to the topic! I have also had a lot of support from other bloggers and I will forever be grateful to them!


Now, let’s do something fun! 10 things about me!

  1. I love to read. I drive people crazy by reading. Everybody in school will be messing around but me? No, no. Reading in my seat. I developed a +1 power in m left eye by reading and now I have to wear spectacles for about two years!
  2. I love flowers. Cherry blossom is my favorite!
  3. I have three journals. Two of them are like diaries. I write what happened in my day, actually, rant. But you get the point! The other one is very very thick because it is what I call my memory journal. It has a messy cover because I decide to change it very often but it is an elegant messy. In my memory journal, I put things like little notes, pens, cards, newspaper cuttings, something imperishable to remind me of an occasion. Things that may seem of no importance but are linked to a very strong memory for me. So that I don’t forget the feeling I felt at the time.
  4. I also have a memory jar. I have little pieces of colored paper and I write a very important memory on one paper fold it and put it in the jar. Really old school, yeah. But I really like to do it!
  5. I am a huge Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fan! I have read the books multiple times and I know almost every little detail.
  6. I am a very fast runner. I love sports. But I cannot skip rope, swim or skate! I don’t know swimming mainly because I didn’t get an opportunity to learn. If I try to skate or skip rope, I’ll fall on my butt. Every. Single.Time!
  7. I don’t have birds, but I have a jar full of “bird seeds”. Every morning I go out and spread some seeds on the ground for sparrows. It also helps me to wake up, because the birds get very angry if I don’t feed them on time and chirp SO MUCH!
  8. I cannot sleep without seeing some kind of light. But I cannot sleep with light falling on my face. So, I ended up putting a small lamp on my table and putting a chair in front of it so that the light does not fall on me. Yes, I did so much of physics for going to sleep properly!
  9. I hate the rain. Hate it. It has always ruined my plans or soaked me. Yes, I know, you may say it’s lovely but to me, it is a dark lord.
  10. I am a neat freak. And I hate bugs. I can literally spot a speck of dust or a little baby spider from a room away. I hate spiders most of all. And lizards. And flies. And…well, you get the idea…



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