Book Review: Reckless by Cornelia Funke||thebookofjess

Book Review: Reckless by Cornelia Funke||thebookofjess

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. Today I am reviewing Reckless by Cornelia Funke. A masterpiece.

 “Set against a huge enchanted landscape between men and monsters, Cornelia Funke has created a brand new fantasy mirror world and a powerful contemporary fairy tale about love, loyalty and blood ties.”


I LOVE this cover!

Book Name: Reckless (1/3 of the Mirrorworld Series)

Author: Cornelia Funke 

Genre: Young Adult (YA), Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction

Rating: 5/5


Jacob Reckless was twelve when his father mysteriously disappeared. Every night, he sneaked off to his father’s study to find the answers his mother was reluctant to give. It wasn’t long before he discovered the secret of the dark mirror his father had hung on the wall.

The mirror casted back a warped image of everything John Reckless had left behind: his desk, the old pistols, his books, – and his sons.

Jacob finds a note in one of the old books. THE MIRROR WILL OPEN ONLY FOR HE WHO CANNOT SEE HIMSELF.

Through the mirror was a dangerous world. A world of deceit and treachery. A world of magic and murder. A world where fathers killed their own sons as soon as they discovered the stone in their skin, the curse of the Goyl. 

For years, Jacob kept the treasures and secrets of the world through the mirror to himself. But not anymore, his younger brother, Will, has followed him, and now the dark magic is turning the boy into a beast. The jade stone is replacing his human flesh and changing the boy to a monster who only knows to kill without fear.

The dark magic will turn the boy into a beast, break the heart of the girl he loves and destroy the world within. Unless Jacob can stop it.

You thought you knew about fairy tales? Think again.

My Favorite Quotes From The Book:

“Jacob loved the night. He felt it on his skin like a promise. Like a cloak woven from freedom and danger.”


“Escaping the clutches of a Bluebeard or searching for the hair of a Devil forges a bond not easily broken.”


“He said her name as if he had pearls on his tounge. Will had always taken love too seriously.”

My thoughts.

You know the books that you read late into the night, fall asleep with it in your hands, wake up, and instantly reach out for it? This is one of those books. Achingly beautiful.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear from you’ll!

Stay Safe

Until Next Time...3


Book Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen||thebookofjess

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen||thebookofjess

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. Today I am going to be reviewing a novel that has fast become one of my favorites. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Name: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Genre: Romance, Drama, Classic

Rating: 5/5


Pride and Prejudice remains one of the most sought-after romance novels since the early 1800s. Jane Austen referred to it as “her own darling child”. It follows the complicated love story of the quite opinionated and headstrong Elizabeth Bennet, and the proud, high-class Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy and Lizzy first meet at a ball, whereupon, she finds him to the most non-agreeable creature to have walked this planet. Against his own will, he is attracted to her, but his pride makes him behave insultingly towards her due to the connections of her family. 

How her prejudice and his pride is overcome is the essence of the book and one of the most wondrous character developments in history.


I have heard a lot of conflict regarding this novel. Some people consider that Elizabeth is settling for Darcy after she visits his mansion and that she shouldn’t have agreed to marry him after he had behaved so insultingly with her.

The thing is, this story is from another day and age. This book was written in a time where people of different social positions hardly ever got married. Also, to blindly state that the time is the only factor is also wrong. Along with the time we have to consider other factors, such as the environment they grew up in as individuals, their psychology, family trauma, etc.

Things done differently in the old ages sometimes seem barbaric to us. But, the things that we, as a society, do today may seem barbaric to our future generations.

Elizabeth develops a prejudice for Darcy based on her few meetings with him and a not very reliable source (in the form of Wickman).

Lizzy and Darcy overcome their prejudice and pride respectively, through communication. Communication is what helps them overcome the barriers of pride and prejudice between them.

We must learn to appreciate classics for their beauty, instead of finding faults.

The Unique Characters

The characters in this book, even the ones who seldom appear, are deeply thought through by Jane Austen. The characters in this book amaze me like no other. To properly justify my views on each character, I shall be doing a character analysis on the following in separate posts in the days to come.

  1. Elizabeth Bennet
  2. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
  3. Mr. Bennet
  4. Mrs. Bennet
  5. Jane Bennet
  6. Lydia Bennet
  7. Mr. Collins
  8. Mr. Wickman
  9. Ms. Darcy
  10. Ms. Bingley

These are the characters I am most intrigued by and feel like I have a lot to say about. So, stay tuned to read what I think about these characters.

If you have or haven’t read the novel, you can still read the character analysis posts I shall be doing. If you haven’t (or would rather not…) then you can have a little more insight into the book. And if you have, then you can read them and express your own views.

I am very excited to write and share them.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear from you’ll!

Stay safe. ♥

Until Next Time...3

March 2020 ||Wrap-Up

March 2020 ||Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing okay. Today I am going to be doing a March Wrap Up post. I know we’re already almost a week in April, but I really wanted to do this, so here it is!

P.S. I would love to get some feedback on the image I designed below. It’s a step forward in my designing abilities and I really hope you like it!


This month was a whirlwind and definitely one that I will remember forever. To be honest, it started out great for me. I had just finished my annuals and was ready to begin a month of reading and writing before my new session started. Alas, just as I was getting out of my short break of doing nothing but reading and watching movies all day long, this happened.

Now, I will be completely honest and say I am not good at dealing with stress. I don’t think anyone is good at that. What happened caused my worrying scale to rise up and my reading to plummet.

After my annuals, I was awaiting the results. I had given the exams and was confident about my results and was quite looking forward to it. 13th March was the last day I went out of my house. We were supposed to go to collect our results on the 16th but instead got them online on the 27th.

And needless to say, online classes began for me and all fellow students. And I won’t lie, they are a pain.

But, on a more positive note, there were some good things that came out of all of this. First, I made an Instagram account at the ripe old age of 15. It was one of the “YES!” moments in my life. I had previously not been allowed to go on social media. Any child who grew up in a strict environment can relate to me here. I just can’t explain the happiness. Username: thebookofjess2004

I got into reading a whole new genre. Murder Mystery. It was a genre I did not divulge into previously. But, during this time, something changed. I promise I did not become mentally unhinged. I just really wanted to try something new.

I finally had the guts to watch two horror movies. I watched the Quiet Place and Better Watch Out. I am also a major fan of Doctor Who. While watching the fourth season I had skipped two episodes because they fell into the “Horror” genre. I finally watched them.  I have finally reached the stage where I can watch horror movies without internally screaming. So, that’s really good! Nothing with ghosts though, they are terrifying.

I reached 500 followers! Thank you!!!

I am currently working on a Project. It is my own personal project, not school-related. I am proud to say that I have progressed but you will get to know in a few weeks. Just a hint, it was inspired by a short story called “Venturing” which I wrote on my Stock Images Inspired Stories post. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! – Click here!              I am really excited for everyone to read it and I promise it’s going to be worth the wait.

Books I read:

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

The Couple Next Door by

Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling. (No surprise there.)

In my short break (when I had just finished my exams and the world was normal) I had read these five books my friend had given me for my birthday:

The Secret of the Old Clock

The Hidden Staircase

The Bungalow Mystery

The Mystery at Lilac Inn

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

By: Carolyn Keene. (Nancy Drew series.)


A Quiet Place (9/10)

Better Watch Out (6/10)

Frozen 2  (10/10)

Spider-man Far From Home (again…) (10/10)

Spies in Disguise (9/10)

Onward (10/10)

Bad Moms (7/10)

Top songs:

The Man – Taylor Swift

You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift

Rise Up – Andra Day

No Judgement – Niall Horan

Counting Stars – One Republic

Dancing Queen – (Mamma Mia soundtrack; originally by ABBA)

TV shows:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (10/10)

Doctor Who (10/10)

The Good Place (7/10) – I have only watched two episodes.

Blog Posts:

The Book Snob Tag

Here’s to the…

Stock Images Inspired Stories

Your Name

Milestones- 500 Followers

How To Manage Stress During the Pandemic.

Quiet||A Thought

It’s going on…

One Of Us Is Lying – Karen M. Mc.Manus||Book Review||

In brief, this month was…unexpected.

I am very grateful to the people who are working so hard during this time. We all appreciate you and are so very very thankful to you. I know bloggers out there who have family members working, some of them are in direct contact with the virus. I want you to know the blogging community is a family and we all got your back!

Be safe, stay home, be healthy. We’ll get through this. Let’s hope this month is better for all of us. Lots of love to everyone.

Thank you for reading.♥

What were some positive highlights of your month? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll.♥

until next time.. blog footer image

One Of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus||Book Review||

One Of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus||Book Review||

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all healthy and safe. These past few days there has been a bit of hope and positivity in the atmosphere, and it really feels good. Stay home and stay safe. I’ve finally caught up with the online homework and we have a short break till the 2nd of April, for which I am very grateful. It’ll give me some time to prepare myself and surrounding for what seems a few more weeks worth of online schooling.

Today I am going to be reviewing the book “One Of Us Is Lying” by Karen M. McManus. This is a murder mystery book, and also is a type of book I’ve hardly read up until now. Self-isolation led me to read books outside of my comfort zone. I’ll come back to that in a bit. Now, here’s my review and thoughts:

One Of Us Is Lying

one of us lying book cover
The cover is very creative.

Book Name: One Of Us Is Lying

Author: Karen M. McManus

Genre: YA, Murder Mystery, Coming of Age, Mystery, Fiction

Rating: 5/5


On September 24th, five Bayview High students walk into detention after cell phones mysteriously appear in the bags of four of them. Things take an inevitable mysterious turn when Simon Kelleher

dies from peanut butter oil in his water, to which he is allergic. Now, the four of them are under investigation for a possible murder.

Everyone in the school has a reason to hate Simon, because of his Tumblr page, About That. Where he posts everyone’s dirty secrets using their initials. Nothing goes amiss from Simon, the creator of About That. Upon discovering their secrets online, people have even tried to commit suicide. Everyone had a reason to want him gone.

Everything seems planned to the last detail. A car crash outside the window, the EpiPens missing from the nurse’s office.
But, the question is, why those four? How did the four people with the most well-kept secrets end up in detention together?

The nerd, the jock, the criminal and the princess. One of them is a murderer. Who is lying?

Personal Thoughts.

I came across this book a couple of months ago but put it aside because I wasn’t really into such books. The. only murder mysteries I had read were Agatha Christie’s books (whom I love). Due to self-isolation and quarantine, I found myself moving away from my comfort reads (the books/genres I love). So, I decided to read something outside of my comfort zone. I downloaded a bunch of e-books that were out of my usually preferred genres, in hopes I would fall in love with a new genre.

And I did! I will be posting a TBR for the books I plan to read whilst in isolation.

So, my little advice for being in quarantine would be: Try something new, you never know you might come to love it. And if. not, stick with the things that make you happy. Find ways to keep yourself entertained and happy. 🙂

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I love to hear from you’ll! ♥

until next time.. blog footer image

The Book Snob Tag|| thebookofjess

The Book Snob Tag|| thebookofjess

Hi! Hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to be doing The Book Snob Tag. I saw this tag a few weeks ago and screenshotted the questions, so I do not know which blog I stole it from…! If you do know, do let me know in the comments!

The Book Snob Tag

Adaptation Snob: Do you always read the book before you see the movie?

 I try to definitely. But sometimes it just so happens I do not know that a book adaptation exists. This has happened only 4 or 5 times. I have also watched movies of books that are in another language. 

Format Snob: You can only choose one format to read for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose: physical, ebooks, or audiobooks.

PHYSICAL!! I do, admittedly read a lot of ebooks and have listened to a few audiobooks, but physical books are THE BEST!! No arguments! The feeling, the joy of holding a book is incomparable. 

Ship Snob: Would you date or marry a non-reader?

My friends have asked me this before and I think that I would. If the person is ready to listen to my rants about books, and be okay with my reading, then it could work out. They have to LISTEN.

Genre Snob: You have to ditch one genre – never to be read again for the rest of your life. Which one do you ditch?

HORROR. I am sorry to horror fans but I am not a very brave person when it comes to ghosts or dolls… I have gotten into reading a bit of horror but so far I have read only 5 books. So, if I had to ditch a genre forever, it would be horror. 

Uber Genre Snob: You can only choose to read from one genre for the rest of your life. Which genre do you choose?

This is so hard!!!! Hmm…I’m going to say..fiction? That’s a very big genre. Hopefully, I could outsmart the question…? 

Community Snob: Which genre do you think receives the most snobbery from the bookish community?

ROMANCE! I get a lot of hate for liking Twilight and Me Before You and a hundred other books. People think it is very sappy and soft. But they do not know the absolute joy of reading these books. The hate, the love, the peril that you feel…I’m going to stop now. I will literally go on for years…lol! 

Snobbery Recipient: Have you ever been snubbed for something that you have been reading or reading in general?

Yes! I get snubbed for reading on a daily basis but I mostly get snubbed for reading autobiographies. I love autobiographies and people, in general, don’t. I’ve gotten pretty used to it and let their words fall on deaf ears. Everyone in the book community has been snubbed about their books at some point. 

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥




Me Before You: Book and Movie Review||thebookofjess

Me Before You: Book and Movie Review||thebookofjess

Hi! I hope you’re having a lovely day! Today I am going to be reviewing Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I read the book in late September and even though it made me cry a river of tears, in the end, it is one of the best plots ever created. It turned out that my sister had the movie on her hard drive, so I watched it too and well, it made me cry more than the book did if you can believe that! Today I am going to be reviewing both the book and the movie. Let’s go!

Me Before You Review .png

Book Name: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes 

Rating: 5/5 

Genre: Drama, Romance 

Summary: She walked the 180 steps from the cafe to her house, clutching the letter containing her last salary, she did not know how this unexpected turn of events was going to lead her to know who she really was. Louisa Clarke is a particularly unusual woman, who loves to wear outfits that might look like they’ve been put together by a very bright and enthusiastic kindergartener who aspires to be a fashion designer! She is described by others to be very chatty and lively. After losing her job at The Buttered Bun, she walks the 180 steps from the cafe to her house, clutching the envelope containing her last salary. Having spent 6 years working at The Buttered Bun, she was quite lost. 

After trying out some jobs that don’t quite appeal to her, she stumbles upon a six-month contract that requires her to take care of a man, Will Traynor, who suffers from quadriplegia, a condition in which one is unable to move his four limbs and torso.

Do you imagine living 28 years of your life filled with adventure, jumping off cliffs and surfing big waves and then, after an unfortunate accident, being restricted to a chair, where people have to take care of every aspect of your life? Well, that is what happened to Will Traynor. After two years of living in pain, he asks to end his life through Dignitas (a Swiss non-profit members’ society providing assisted/accompanied suicide to those members of the organization who suffer from a terminal illness and/or severe physical and/or mental illnesses, supported by qualified Swiss doctors.) His mother asks him to wait for six months, during which she makes up her mind to make ends meet if it meant for her son to have a desire to live again.

She hires Louisa Clarke as a carer for her son, thinking that the presence of a lively, young girl, would help him build a desire to live.

Once a very intelligent, witty, young man; after his impairment, has become quite moody, angry and bitter, with practically no goal in life. During the first days of her employment, Louisa finds it very hard to connect with Will, as he is adamant about sneering her and avoiding her on all costs.

But slowly, Louisa becomes pretty much the only reason Will gets out of bed in the morning. Louisa soon gets to know about Dignitas and helps Will to find a reason to live by taking him to concerts, horse races, and vacations. The question is, will she be able to save the person she has slowly fallen in love with.

Before reviewing the movie, I would like to gush about it a bit first! First of all, the movie was very similar to the books! That is rare in book adaptations. Secondly, this movie has Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter), Sam Claflin (Finnick from The Hunger Games), Jenna Coleman (Clara from Doctor Who) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys from Game of Thrones; which I am not allowed to watch, being a minor). So this movie has the cast of three of my favorite fandoms (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Doctor Who). That…that was what drove me to watch this movie in the first place! Now, onto the review!

Movie Name: Me Before You (Based on the book “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes)

Genre: Drama, Romance 

Director: Thea Sharrock 

Starcast: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Mathew Lewis, Jenna Coleman 

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: The book and the movie are pretty similar and even though, the movie does not include some aspects of the movie, I really liked the way they portrayed the story. I understand that the movie cannot have all the aspects and details of the book. (even though we would all love that, wouldn’t we?)

The casting of the movie was also pretty immaculate. The book gives you more of an insight into what the characters are like, their morals, the story of their life. So, although the movie did not do injustice to the characters (like a few books to movie adaptations I could name*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*), I would recommend reading the book before watching the movie, because a) you’ll have the thrill of having your story come to life and b)you’ll get to cry over Will’s death again…”Yay,” said her readers, in a sarcastic tone….sorry!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t watch a book to movie adaptation, then this movie is not for you. Reading the book, I imagined the castle, the gardens, will’s house mentioned in the book to be much more magnificent, but the movie did not exactly meet my expectations. So, if you have come to terms with the fact that nobody can actually turn a book into a movie, you’re good!

The movie, by itself, is very well directed and the cast is amazing and I would say it’s a must-watch, whether you are a book person or movie person.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you’ll have a great day and a great week ahead! 

Let me know you’re thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥

P.S. I got my laptop back! I can even describe how happy I feel!


73 Questions with Jess (Vogue Inspired)

73 Questions with Jess (Vogue Inspired)

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day and a great week! Today I am going to be doing this really fun tag I saw over at Maggie’s blog and felt that I had to do it. So, Vogue does interviews with celebrities and asks them 73 Questions. I always love to see those interviews and had always wanted to do them and I got the perfect opportunity! This tag was created by Dawn@ Drawing Closer to Christ.

73 Questions [Vogue Inspired]

  1. What’s your usual Starbucks order? I don’t go to Starbucks.
  2. What does your work station look like? Very neat, practical and a lot of papers (arranged neatly!).
  3. Favorite food? Pasta.
  4. What do you think of open relationships? No comment.
  5. What is your favorite video game? I don’t play video games. I used to when I was 6 or 7, and I loved time management games.
  6. Guilty pleasure treat? Chips. You see, I have a sensitive stomach and don’t really eat outside stuff a lot.
  7. Your favorite movie? Bride Wars. 
  8. Favorite author? J.K.Rowling, duh.
  9. Favorite book? I don’t want to pick one…but I guess, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  10. Twitter or Instagram? I don’t have either nor do I support them very much.
  11. Desktop or laptop? Laptop.
  12. Best advice you’ve ever received? Be Yourself. 
  13. What project are you working on right now? Writing.
  14. Favorite color? Powder blue.
  15. Did you get good grades in school? I am still in school and I get good grades in English and Social Studies and average in others.
  16. Dream job? Writer.
  17. Play any sports? I took part in a lot of races. That’s all.
  18. Do you have a degree? Not yet.
  19. Nationality? Indian.
  20. What is your favorite kind of blog post? All of them, really.
  21. What’s something that can always make you smile? Books. 
  22. Describe yourself in three words? Creative, Dreamer and Stargazer. 
  23. If you were a rapper, what would your stage name be? I don’t know…Elsa maybe. I would SO not be a rapper!
  24. Who was the last person you DM’d? I don’t have an Instagram.
  25. What’s on top of your wish list right now? A new phone.
  26. Sorting house? Ravenclaw.
  27. How many tattoos do you have? None.
  28. What are you most grateful for this year? New Opportunities.
  29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month? I made a new friend.
  30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? Designing my bookshelf.
  31. What’s the best thing ever? Life.
  32. Favorite season? Winter.
  33. Favorite holiday? Christmas.
  34. What fictional character do you relate most to? Annabeth from Percy Jackson.
  35. Do you like surprises? I like the fact that someone took the time and energy to arrange it for me! But I do not particularly like being shocked. I do get over it very soon.
  36. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had? When I got my first laptop.
  37. Which surprise made you cry? I’m too surprised to cry.
  38. What’s the best surprise you’ve given somebody else? A surprise party.
  39. Do you like muffins? Yes, I’m not a monster!
  40. Do you cook often? About 10-15 times a month. I love to bake, which I do about 3-4 times a month, depending on how much time I have with school, writing, blogging, and other day-to-day activities.
  41. What’s your favorite dessert? Ice-cream. Chocolate Ice-Cream.
  42. Is there a dessert you don’t like? None that I can think of right now.
  43. Cake or pie? Cake!
  44. What’s your least favorite food? Cottage cheese…hate it.
  45. What’s your favorite condiment? Mayo.
  46. It’s 4 AM on a random Saturday. What are you eating? I am sleeping, dear!
  47. If you could teach a college class, what would it be called? Reading and Writing 2. (I don’t know why! I just like it for some weird reason!)
  48. Best animated film? Frozen.
  49. What has a guy done or said to impress you? Nothing.
  50. The best thing to do on a first date? Talk and get to know each other.
  51. The worst thing to do on a first date? Be ignorant.
  52. What’s the last video you watched? A lyric video.
  53. Best comic book character? Spider-man.
  54. Name three things that can always be found in your purse? My phone, purse, and keys.
  55. Favorite drink? Coke.
  56. If you could play a historical character in a movie, who would it be? 
  57. Kittens or puppies? Both!!
  58. Favorite sushi roll? I have never eaten it.
  59. What lipstick do you use? When I do…Revlon.
  60. What foundation do you use? When I do…Maybelline
  61. Blow-dry or air-dry? Air-dry.
  62. Who is your fashion icon? I don’t really have one. I like Bohemian style but I don’t really follow anyone in particular for fashion.
  63. Favorite Disney character? Rapunzel.
  64. What are you doing tomorrow? I will be doing a bit of cleaning tomorrow. That’s all I know for sure.
  65. Movie you laughed the hardest through? Home Alone.
  66. A movie that made you cry? Titanic.
  67. If you could sing a duet with anybody, who would you choose? Bridget Mendler.
  68. If your life was a song, what would the title be? Something related to books…like “I read it all” or something cheesy like that.
  69. What’s your favorite animal? Dolphin.
  70. Favorite illustrator? 
  71. The person you want to have coffee with? J.K.Rowling and make her hate me by asking a million questions…hehe…
  72. What country would you like to visit? The United Kingdom.
  73. Best way to decompress? Write it all out.

I tag anyone who wants to participate! Be sure to link me, so I can read your answers! If you don’t feel like doing the tag, but like a few questions, you are free to share them in the comments below! I’d love to read it! 

Thank you’ll for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥♥


The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag||thebookofjess

The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag||thebookofjess

Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day! ♥ Today I am going to be doing a tag I saw over at Sofii’s blog! And it looked really fun, so I decided to do it! Hope you like it!

P.S. I know I mentioned in my last post that I am going to be posting “Me Before You review” and “Recommended Reading”, but this was the only post in my Drafts for a very long time, so I decided to let it out!

So, Book Bloggers, I’m about to reveal all our secrets! Haha! Just kidding! I would never betray you! (Honestly, I am so weird! Lol!)

BOOK tag

How long have you been blogging?

That is comp-li-cated! I opened my blog back in 2016 but was very insecure and anxious about what I should post. Discouragement from my peers resulted in me just leaving it. Two years later, on May 2018, I finally decided to come back and let’s just say it was one of the best decisions I ever made! ♥ So, I have been properly blogging for about 1.5 years now!

At what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

…NEVER!! My ghost will come back to the blog! I’m sure of it…! I might take little breaks occasionally as I juggle a lot of things and it is impertinent to take a break from certain things to keep everything in order. But I would never altogether stop blogging! I love it way too much!

What is the best thing about blogging?

The fact that I get a platform to express myself is the best thing about blogging for me. In real life, I am a weird, quirky, awkward teenager who reads books and is basically just missing the nerd glasses. (In fact, I do have glasses, just hate wearing them!) Here, on my blog, or any written media actually, I am still that weird person but I am me. I feel right.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

The pressure of blogging is somewhat of a stress-causing element. The feeling that people will read this and will think about it, leaves me a bit anxious.

But, this was the reason why I stopped blogging in 2016. So, I don’t let this affect me now. To make it okay, I just blog. It helps me ease my mind. In the past year, I have mentally made my blog one of my ‘safe places’ and it’s a great feeling!

How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

Mostly I use book covers, which I usually download from Google. I use a lot of Canva to design Featured Images and Header Images. Canva is amazing! I love to design and it has really useful tools which I can use!

Who is your book crush?

Percy Jackson. It’s impossible to not have a crush on Percy if you have read Percy Jackson!

What author would you like to have on your blog?

I read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. I would love to interview him, as I think it’s a pretty underrated book. It is one of the best books I have read that is based in real life.

What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

I wear PJ’s literally ALL the time! Except for school and the rare days, I leave the house are the only times when I have not worn PJs! What can I say? They’re So comfortable! Do you feel the same about PJs?

How long does it take you to prepare?

A book review of a book I’ve recently read takes me about half an hour to write as I am literally full to the brim with ideas! Other types of posts take me about 2-3 hours; designs and writing all included. I mostly write on Friday/Saturday in school time and just any day of the week during holidays!

How do you feel about the blogging community?

It is literally like a family. The blogging community provides encouragement and constructive criticism, both of which are crucial to growth, in the right proportion. Exploring other blogs has also helped me to better understand the views and interests of people better than I would have if I learned about people in real life! So, a big THANK YOU to all of you!!!

What do you think one should do to create a successful blog?

I am about to say something really cliche and cheesy. BE YOURSELF. If you become successful by pretending to be someone you are not, it no purpose. Be you and that’ll attract the kind of people that like your weird, quirky self!

Thank you’ll for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!

Have a great day! ♥♥


The Pancake Book Tag!

The Pancake Book Tag!

Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day! ♥ | I was tagged by Anna @ RoseandThornBooks for The Pancake Book Tag! She’s probably very mad at me as I’m doing this literally months later! Sorry, Anna!

Also, this is my third post in the past three days! Wow! Who is this!?! Lol!

pan 1.png

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


How can this book not come to your mind when you think of prose and descriptions! Love this book. Just no words.

But can we take a moment to admire the cover…it’s so perfect for the story.

pan 2.png

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

artemis fowl book cover

Artemis Fowl is the youngest criminal mastermind, who has exploited the fairy civilization living under the earth. He is the description of sharp wit and intelligence. How can you not pick him!?

pan 3.png

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (duh…)

philosopher's stone book cover

I have already “devoured” it about 20 times. And I’m still down to re-reading it! Don’t underestimate me where Harry Potter is concerned!

pan 4.png

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

beautiful disaster


pan 5.png

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


It is such a homely book! I really admire the author’s writing style!

pab 6.png

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exupery

the little prince book review

The Little Prince may seem like just another Peter Pan to some. But only by reading can one interpret the deep meaning behind it. The meaning of Life and Death. The character Little Prince has a mysterious yet familiar history.

pan 7.png

The Selection by Keira Cass

selection book cover

In the first few chapters, I totally shipped America and Aspen and it broke my heart when they broke up and she got Selected. Then, a few more chapters into the book, I shipped The Prince and America. And then, when Aspen got recruited for the royal guard and came to the palace, I got…torn. And this whole freaking series just kept me guessing! Nonetheless, I loved it!

pan 8.png

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

ascend book cover

Loki and Wendy from Ascend (#3 in the Trylle Trilogy). Loki just came out of the blue and at first, I absolutely despised him but ended up shipping those two! (And admit to a friend that yes, they were the perfect match.)

pan 9.png


Percy Weasley from Harry Potter. He was a brat in the fifth and sixth book and although he had his “turn over a new leaf” moment in Deathly Hallows, I still can’t forgive him fully. I am just happy he made peace with his family before Fred’s death…

pan 10.png

Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan


This book has everything. The Greek Gods, Demigods, Hunters of Artemis, Amazons and what will all the characters accepting who they were. This book just has a little bit of everything…love, action, drama, YA, Paranormal, contemporary…even horror if you get scared as easily as I do!

I Tag:

Anyone who likes pancakes! Or if you just think it’s a fun tag! (Which it totally is :3)

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!


Recommended Reading #1

Recommended Reading #1

Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day! Today I am going to be doing my first recommended reading post! Today’s topic is…

 If you like Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling…then you may like…

Harry Potter is a classic! But alas, there are only 7 books! Here are some books you may like!

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

pjo pic


Homework or fighting monsters? Tough choice. Our protagonist Percy Jackson faces this decision every day after learning that he is a demigod son of Poseidon, The Greek God of the Sea. This is a great way to introduce kids to mythology and history in general. And if you think that mythology is too complicated for you, read the first book, The Lightning Thief, and think again!

No. of books in series: 5

Recommended Age: 9+

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

thg pic

Katniss Everdeen has been chosen for the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is an annual tradition in the city of Panem where twelve boys and twelve girls between the age of 12-16 must fight to death. She must rely on her hunting skills to survive. But, how could she kill Peeta Mellark, the boy she fell in love with years ago.

No. of books in series: 3

Recommended Age: 12+

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

artemis fowl book cover

Artemis Fowl is a child prodigy and the world’s biggest criminal mastermind from Ireland. The Fowl family lost its status of billionaires with the disappearance of his father, Artemis Fowl Senior. After he discovers a fairy civilization underground, he sees it as a golden opportunity to restore his family’s fortune. Knowing, and blatantly not caring that he may start a cross-species war between humans and The Fairy People. He was twelve years old at the time…


No. of books in series: 9

Recommended Age: 9+

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

hex hall.jpg

Three years ago on her thirteenth birthday, Sophie Mercer discovered she is a half-witch. She has done many “weird” spells before but none as disastrous as the prom spell she did for a friend which landed her in a school for witches, warlocks, shapeshifters, and faeries known as Hecate or Hex Hall for short. So it’s safe to say that it didn’t go well… Oh her very first day Sophie manages to befriend the school outcast( who is also a vampire and her roommate!), make enemies with the three most popular girls and have a crush on the most popular boy in the school. That and she gets detention for the whole term! But this isn’t just any high school drama story, no no no! Sophie learns about some very mysterious things as she learns more about Hex Hall. The year before, a girl named Holly was killed and Jenna(her vampire friend) is suspected of the murder. This year, two girls are attacked with two holes in their necks and a lot of blood drained out from their bodies and both times Jenna has been near the crime scene. Is Jenna behind these attacks? Who is this ghost who stares fixedly at Sophie when she’s alone? How is it that she is the weakest witch there? Or is she something more?

No. of books in series: 3

Recommended Age: 11+

Thank you for reading! Let me your thoughts in the comments! ♥♥

Hope you have a lovely day! ♥





June 2019 TBR

June 2019 TBR

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely day! Today I am going to be sharing the books I plan to read this month. Last month’s TBR was thrown in the trash as I read only one book off it! I read 9 books, 5 of which I didn’t know about till last month!

This month, I am going to stick to my TBR. That is not because I trust myself to follow a plan but the reason being that I went out and bought these books before making the TBR for the month! So, with the books staring at me in the face, I’ll have no option but to read them! I’m a freaking genius! Lol!!

june tbr

Becoming by Michelle Obama


I started reading this last month but couldn’t finish it. I love reading autobiographies but I am very very slow with them. It takes me about two months to finish a 400-page autobiography. People my age don’t generally go for autobiographies, and when I took the book to school, people were like, “What the hell are you reading? Are you out of your mind?” I am! Screw them! I love reading them and that’s what I’m gonna do!

Autobiographies are a bit tedious but very enriching. I have always admired Michelle Obama and looked up to her and it’s mind-blowing the things she went through to reach where she is now!

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


I read Fault in Our Stars by John Green a few months ago. (And did I cry!!) I saw this book in the bookstore and brought it home to give it a home in my bookshelf! Very excited to read it!

Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

heads you win

Jeffrey Archer is a new author to me. I saw many of his books at a local library months ago and had thought of reading one. I picked this one up at the bookstore as the story on the back cover is very intriguing and definitely a new branch of books to me.

Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer


This was on my TBR for last month. I feel really bad for neglecting the Artemis Fowl books for a whole month. I’m coming back, Arty!! Lol!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling

half blood prince.jpg

I re-read not a single book last month!?! So, I am going to be reading one from the best series in the world!!

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

city of bones

This was also on my TBR for last month. I want to read this so bad, but something is holding me back. This feeling usually means that the book is good, as I had this feeling towards the HP books and now I love them!

Invisible People by Harsh Mander

invisible people

This book is on my summer reading list. So, I HAVE to read this… I have no idea what it is about. I purchased it on Kindle and with the size of font I’ve selected, the book is about 700 or 750 pages long! Just thinking about answering a paper on it gives me a headache!

I am only going to be listing 7 books, as I am unsure of what I might like to read in during the course of the month. Also, I am doubtful I will be able to read more than 7 with all the other things this month. But 7 is a good number considering that my school opens this month, we’re moving, so it’s a whirlwind in my house, and I’m studying like a mad person! So yeah.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Have you’ll ever completely disregarded your TBR like me? Have you read these books?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


Monthly Wrap-Up||May 2019

Monthly Wrap-Up||May 2019

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely day! I’m back with another monthly wrap-up! Last month, I took up my never-ending TBR list and picked 10 books to read in May. And then, being the amazing person I am, I completely disregarded it and went on to read a lot of books but only one from the TBR I had planned for this month! Don’t judge me…

So here goes!

may wrap up.png

Selection Series by Keira Cass – 5 books


I loved these books! I started reading them on the 2nd and they were the main reason why I diverted from my TBR. But, I am very happy that I did! Let me know in the comments if you guys have read these and what were your thoughts? Also, the covers are breathtaking, aren’t they?

My Review: The Selection Series Review

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny Han – 3 books


I’ve seen this book series everywhere and it has been on my TBR for quite a while now. They’re amazing, of course! Plus, the covers are just so perfect! Let me know what you’ll think of these books! I’m very excited to hear from you’ll!

My Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series Review

The Hidden Language of Your Handwriting by James Greene and David Lewis

hidden lang of handwriting.jpg

My father gave me this book as I am very interested in such topics. I am still yet to read about 50 pages of it but it is a very interesting book. I will not be writing a review on this as this book is like a very detailed essay on what your handwriting indicates about you, your health, etc. Let me know if you’ll have heard of this?

Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer

afowl 4

Nobody. Literally, Nobody can read The Artemis Fowl series and fail to love it! I shall be reviewing this with the fifth book, The Lost Colony, later in the month.

I did not re-read any book this month!!! What!?! That is extremely unlikely of me. But I have been very busy this month and will continue to be so until September!

I read…9 Books!

Same as the past two months! I’m really happy! But my eyes are not, they’re tired!!

Song of the Month:

Blonde by Bridget Mendler

I love this song! The way she has said ” Haters, Back-Off” to the people who think that blonde girls are stupid, earns a standing ovation!!

Movie of the Month

Avengers: Infinity War

Okay, so here’s the thing. I watched the Spiderman: Homecoming movie a few weeks ago, and I loved it! And I became an Avengers Fan and watched almost all the movies during the course of two months! On May 30th, I watched Infinity War and OMG THE END KILLED ME!!!!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great month ahead!♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!!♥♥


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before||Jenny Han||Series Review

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before||Jenny Han||Series Review

Hi! Hope you’re all having a lovely day! Today I am going to be reviewing the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series! I have seen these books everywhere and had wanted to read them for a long time. When I was done with The Selection series last month, I had time for about 3 more books left in the month. So, I decided to pick this up. And boy, I’m glad I did!

Book 1: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (4.5/5)

Book 2: P.S. I Still Love You (4/5)

Book 3: Always and Forever, Lara Jean (5/5)

Author: Jenny Han 

Genre: Young Adult

Series Rating: 5/5 

Lara Jean wrote a letter to every boy she loved in her life and kept it in a vintage hat box that her mother gave her. One day she finds out that all those letters (five) got posted and are now with all the boys she wrote about! Wow, I imagine that! Now, she must figure out what to do!

She ends with a “fake” relationship with one of the boys, Peter. I am not going to say anything about that as I am sure I will give spoilers that might ruin the books for you if you haven’t read them!

My favorite character has to be Lara Jean. She is so me. Loves reading, baking, have one parent, is Asian, loves crafts, loves to keep trinkets and such things, has an awesome big sister!

The best thing about this book was the way I felt instantly at home with. After reading a few pages, I felt like I have seen Lara Jean’s house and I have seen these people in real life. That is one thing that I absolutely adore!

I have only two words to describe my feelings for this series. LOVED IT!

I definitely hurried through this review. This is because a) I have so little time! And b) I am not going to review any books that I read in the past (i.e., I started reviewing books on my blog only a few months ago and I have been reading books for the past 5 years!). So, I wanted to finish reviewing the books I had read in May. And now I’m done with that! From next month, I am going to be reviewing books separately and in a little more detail. But I hope you guys liked this!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and great week ahead! ♥

Have you read these books? If so, do you like/love them? Or do you plan to read them anytime soon?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


The Selection Series||Keira Cass||Series Review

The Selection Series||Keira Cass||Series Review

Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day! ♥ At the beginning of the month, one of my friends recommended me The Selection series by Keira Cass. I started to read it and I fell in love with it (and completely disregarded the books I had set aside for my May 2019 TBR! I can never stick to one plan!) Recently, in my Hi! post, I stated that instead of doing a book review where I state the plot and talk about the typical what-happens-in-the-book, I will write what I thought of the book. As I really want to cover the reviews of all the books I read in this month before the month ends, I am going to review all the 5 books in one post. Let’s get on with it!

The Selection by Keira Cass Series Review.png


The Selection – Book 1

selection book cover

Book Name: The Selection

Author: Keira Cass 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, dystopia, romance 

Rating: 4.5/5

My thoughts: I did not expect to be this captivated by the book! 

I was recommended this book by a school friend. It was a rainy day (a pretty stormy one at that!) and I wanted to read something new and exciting. I decided to put aside my TBR and read this book instead. And I ended up reading all the five books in the series. (So we all know how that went…!)

So, this book is based in the future where the world is even more messed up than now!  In the country of Illea, the Prince chooses his wife by selecting 35 women from all over the country and chooses one of them to be his wife over the course of a few months. It’s like a longer version of Cinderella with more details and where Cinderella has a secret lover and does not actually want to marry the Prince! Yes, people! You read that right! America Singer, our main character is in love with a boy named Aspen and only entered her name in the Selection because Aspen told her to. She considers the Prince to be a allow, self-absorbed, snobbish person, but in reality, he turns out to be a sweet, caring and a rather handsome person. And America feels herself falling in love with him. She is at battle with herself with these thoughts when Aspen turns up at the palace as a guard. Yeah, it’s complicated.

This book is based in the future, which has problems similar to ones faced by us in today’s world and also problems faced in the past in some countries. For instance, there is a system of castes. From One to Eight. The Ones, Twos, and Threes are the most privileged, Four are the middle class, Five, Six and Seven are the poor sections with Eight being the banished and poorest of the poor. I was really drawn to this book as it was pretty relatable to our world. It had no concept of magic or anything supernatural. I love to read that kind of books but it was a nice change to read something like this.

The Elite – Book 2


Book Name: The Elite

Author: Keira Cass 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, dystopia, romance 

Rating: 4/5

My thoughts: A great sequel!

This book definitely had a lot more drama and feeling than in the first book. The Prince has narrowed down his selection candidates to six, America being one of them.

America and the Price are definitely in love but they are afraid to admit it. America is afraid that the Prince might not choose her to be his wife and she doesn’t think that she’ll be able to handle the pain if he does. The Prince is afraid because he thinks that America does not have a mutual feeling. It’s such a mess that sometimes I wanted to shout into the book, ” You both feel the same! Stop this and listen to me!” But of course, I didn’t as I wanted to see how the story rolled out. And also, it’s not exactly possible! (hehe…)

Also, with only six girls, there is also a lot of bonding, and fighting for the Prince’s attention. It may sound like a cat fight but believe me, it’s not. I have to congratulate the author for this as it is a very rare thing to have so many storylines in one plot and keep it all so perfectly balanced.



The One – Book 3


Book Name: The One 

Author: Keira Cass 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, dystopia, romance 

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts: This is the book where it happens! But, oh my! I nearly died at one point!

This book is the last one in the main trilogy and the third one in the series.

I choose not to talk much about this book. It was my favorite and the only one in which I am sure I will give major spoilers! But what I will say is that everything gets really intense and perfect. I was so happy at the end! (And I was tensed, really, really tense!)

The Heir – Book 4


Book Name: The Heir 

Author: Keira Cass 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, dystopia 

Rating: 4/5 

My thoughts: This book is based twenty years later and is about America’s daughter, the princess. 

When the Prince ascended the throne, he made many changes to the kingdom. Removing the caste system and eliminating the Selection. But now, after all these years, the people are starting to regret their choice and are now starting to rebel and protest against the monarchy. Something is needed to boost people’s morale. So, the King is now reintroducing the Selection, this time for his daughter, Eadlyn.

Eadlyn, of course, hates the idea but as the future ruler of the country, she understands how important this is. So, she strikes a deal with her father. The Selection will be held, the people will have something exciting to look forward to, but only for three months. After three months, she plans to call off the Selection without a ring on her finger.

But, will she really? There are thirty-five boys, and one “translator”? 

The Crown – Book 5


Book Name: The Crown 

Author: Keira Cass 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, dystopia 

Rating: 4/5 

My thoughts: In this book, you really see Eadlyn develop. She is already a person to who leadership comes to naturally but now she is learning to put the needs of others before her. She ends up marrying the person who no one ever thought she would! I won’t give any spoilers but I loved it!

Series Rating: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you’ll!♥♥


Book Blitz: Sylvana by Sian Claven|@sianbclaven|@Shalini_G26|

Book Blitz: Sylvana by Sian Claven|@sianbclaven|@Shalini_G26|

Hi! Hope you’re all having a great day! I am very excited o be taking part in the Book Blitz of Sylvana by Sian Claven, hosted by Shalini @ Digital Reads Blog Tours.

DRBT jpg (2).jpg


Book Name: Sylvana

Author: Sian Claven

Publication Date: 15 May 2019

Genre: Adult Fiction – Horror/Thriller

Publisher: Independent

Book Blurb:

book blitz 1.jpg

Diana and Robbie are tired of moving their family of five around. When Robbie is offered a great job, and permanent position, they must find somewhere to stay temporarily while they house hunt. Aware of the gruesome murders that happened in the Metz family house, they move in regardless and instantly regret it. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Diana and Robbie must face their greatest horror. A copy cat killer starts to strike around their neighborhood, just like the Butcher once did, and Diana’s family seems to be right in the center of it.
Where is Sylvana when her tenants need answers?
The Butcher might just strike them where it hurts most before they get the answers they seek.



When Diana saw the flashing blue lights outside her house, she panicked. James was home and Robbie wouldn’t be back until later, so as a mother she assumed the worse. She sped up and held her breath until she realized the cars were parked outside her neighbors’ house and not her own.

The police had marked off the area around their neighbors’ and, as they climbed out, Clinton asked, “What do you think happened? Do you think Lincoln is okay?”

Diana shook her head. “I’m sure he’s fine, baby. Why don’t you take Charlie and go check on your brother while I see what’s going on.”

She walked the short distance between the two houses and saw a nurse standing there, a cardigan wrapped around her shoulders. She had tears streaming down her face, crumpled tissue in her hand, dabbing at her wet nose, and her breaths were coming out short. Diana recognized her as her next-door neighbor; she had seen her whenever they took the garbage out. Diana felt quite bad now, not knowing what her name was.

Quickly she made her way towards the woman. She was briefly stopped by a policeman before the nurse waved him away and said it was fine.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Diana asked, putting an arm around her shoulders.

“Oh … oh … it’s Lincoln,” she sobbed. “He’s dead,” she managed to get out.

“What?” Diana gasped. “How? What happened?” she asked without thinking. “Never mind. I am so sorry …”

“Megan,” she said, hugging Diana and sobbing into her shoulder. “He was murdered in his bed,” she revealed between gasps for air. “I found him … someone cut off his head and cut out his tongue and … Oh, my poor baby …” She burst into renewed sobs and Diana couldn’t make out another word after that.

She stayed with Megan until a family member arrived and took over. Diana quietly excused herself and went home to check on her children. She felt nervous; the murder was seriously familiar to those she had heard about when she rented the house.

Once home, however, she found her three children setting the table for dinner. James had a big smile on his face and was telling Clinton stupid jokes. Clinton was half listening, smiling as well, but his mind seemed far away.

“Clinton, honey, we need to talk …” Diana said, taking her son by the hand and leading him to the living room.

Author Bio:

Sian Headshots-10165.jpg

Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa, Sian B. Claven has enjoyed stories for all her life, whether she was reading them or making them. She has written for as long as she can remember, but Ensnared is the first book she decided to publish. Moving towards writing more for the horror / paranormal thriller genre, Sian has subsequently published the first two books in The Butcher Books series, Tatum and Kallista. When Sian isn’t thinking of ways to terrify people, she enjoys writing science fiction stories, poetry, and rather long and gushy birthday wishes. When she isn’t working on her writing you can find her knitting, scrapbooking, reading, or playing Xbox. Sian previously reviewed for The Blithering Bibliomaniacs and still reviews in her private capacity. She clearly doesn’t know what the words rest and relaxation mean, at least not in the traditional sense.

Social Media Links:


Book Links:

Birthday Book Tag

Birthday Book Tag

Hi! I hope you’re having a great day and week! Guess what!? Today is my birthday! I am officially 15 years old! Gosh, I feel old! (I really don’t but isn’t that what people say!?) So, anyways, I wanted you guys to know that today was my birthday but didn’t know how to say it without being a snob! I didn’t want to go like, “Hey! Today is my birthday! Wish me!” (Although I would love it if you did…hehe!) Sofii @ A Book A Thoughtcame to my rescue! I saw this tag on her blog and it seemed like a fun way to say that today’s my birthday! Okay, that’s a lot of intros! Let’s get on with the actual post!

Sunshine Blogger Award (1)

Count your birthday along your bookshelf and then subtract your birth month.
What book does it land on?

the little prince book review

What a beautiful book to land on! I love The Little Prince!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

-Antoine De Saint-Exupery

If You Could Spend Your Birthday With Any Fictional
Character Who Would It Be and Why?


He’s a demigod for freaking’s sake! Like I’m gonna pass that up! He could take me to Camp Half-Blood! Dream come true!

Find A Book That Takes Place In The Season You Were Born In


I love this book so much! I am not sure whether it does take place in summer or not. So don’t kill me in the comments!

Pick a Book Set in a Time Period, World or Country You’d Like to Have Been Born In.


The UK. All my life I have loved the UK and everything about it!

And of course, I would love to have been born in the Wizarding World!

Find A Book That Is The Color of Your Birthstone.

selection book cover.jpg

My birthstone is turquoise and this is one of the prettiest covers I know in that color! One of my friends in my new class recommended this book to me and my god! I fell in love with it! So much that I finished the first two books in the series in three days! I am very grateful to her for recommending this!

Is there a series with the same number of books as your age? If so what is it?

Wow! I have no idea of a book series having 15 books! If you do then do let me know in the comments! I’d love to read it!

My biggest complaint with books is that they don’t have enough books! 15 reaches close to my target!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!♥♥


TBR || May 2019

TBR || May 2019

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day and a great week! Welcome to my first ever TBR post!

My TBR list is about four pages long and I am so overwhelmed every time I look at it! Every month, on average, I read 9 to 10 books. So I decided to pick some books I’ll read this month. Of course, I may add another book or DNF a book, but I’ll try to stick to the list!

May 2019 TBR.png

1) Quiet Power by Susan Cain


Being a (true) introvert myself, I am very excited to read this book. People say they are introverts but they pick to spend time with others to spend time alone. An introvert seeks solitude and peace. So, I am eager to read this book and to discover what are the secret strengths of an introvert?

2) Frostfire by Amanda Hocking


This book is the sequel novel to the Trylle series and the first installment in the Kanin Chronicles. I am excited to venture once more, into the world of the Trylle, and read another character’s story!

“This is the stunning first installement in a tale of love, betrayal and the need to belong.”

-Amanda Hocking


3) Artemis Fowl – Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer

afowl 4

The fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series! Can’t say how excited I am! Opal Koboi, the villain of the second book, was said to be in a coma for a year but was she really?

I’ve already finished like 2/3rd of the book!

4) Artemis Fowl – Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer


The fifth installment in the Artemis Fowl series! I’m nearing the end!!

5) City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

city of bones

The first installment in the Mortal Instruments series! Can’t wait to get started! Many bloggers love the series and I can’t wait to see why!

6) The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

lotr 1

I’ve been trying to read LOTR since so long! Now I am hell-bent on reading at least the first book this month!

7) 30 Women in Power by Naina Lal Kidwai

30 women in power

I am a strong believer in feminism and I love to read stories and autobiographies on women empowerment. This is a book I saw in my school library, and if I can, I’ll try to issue it. If I can’t, then Hello Amazon!

8) Re-read – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

hp book 2 cover

How can I not? Like how?

9) Re-Read – Mockingjay by Suzzane Collins (#3 Hunger Games book)

#3 thg cover.jpg

I love The Hunger Games!! The last one is perhaps my favorite! As I haven’t re-read any in quite a while now, I decided to re-read the last one!

10) Bookstore Surprise!


I bought the Trylle Trilogy without even knowing what it was about. (Almost like a blind date with a book!) So, I’ve decided to take my lazy butt off the couch and go to the bookstore and buy a book that I know nothing about! Let’s see how it goes!

I must say, it feels nice to have mapped out what I’m going to read this month. Now I won’t have to go through my never-ending TBR to look for the next book to read!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


Monthly Wrap-Up||April 2019

Monthly Wrap-Up||April 2019

Hi! I hope you’re all having a lovely day!♥ |It’s May already!! How time flies! It’ll be the middle of the year in a month! I am always super excited for May, as it is the start of my favorite season, summer! (It’s kind of a toss between spring and summer! But I like summer more as I suffer from allergies during spring!)

This month was pretty good for reading! I managed to read 9 books (3 re-reads). I feel that this month was definitely better than last month, where I re-read pretty much the whole month! (Although re-reading can be a very good thing!)

And also, I am so happy that I am publishing this right on time! (I finally did something on time! Lol!)

Monthly Wrap-up April 2019.png

Torn by Amanda Hocking


The second installment in the Trylle Trilogy. Lovely book! I highly recommend reading it!

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

ascend book cover

Third and final installment in the Trylle Trilogy! I am a bit sad it ended!

Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code

afowl 3

I was so happy that in this book the fairy People and Artemis actually have respect and gratitude towards each other! I must say this series is developing into a complex, and diverse yet lovable story!


Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (Trilogy)


Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson series, inspired me to read this! This is based on Egyptian Mythology and focuses on the two main characters, Sally and Carter, brother and sister. I wasn’t very interested in Egyptian Mythology until I read this! And needless, to say I loved it! I have never yet read a book of this author that I didn’t like! (And I don’t think I will tbh!)


Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan


As I mentioned in my last month’s wrap-up post, where I re-read the House of the Hades, I feel like I have rushed through the last two books in the Heroes of Olympus series. So, a re-read was in order.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Deathly Hallows


Like duh!

I read…9 books! 

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥ ♥




















The Harry Potter Tag!

The Harry Potter Tag!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! As many of you might know, I am a huge HP geek! and if you didn’t, you must be new to this blog! HI! I am a bookworm and a huge HP geek!

So, I was going through some of my old posts and I came across this tag that I had done and I saw that my answers have changed a lot! My house, patronus, everything! So, I decided to do this again!

What house are you in? 


I am divergent. First time I got Hufflepuff (…). Then I lost that account and got Gryffindor. A few weeks ago, one of my friends told me to retake it. She told me since I read so much and I am always on the lookout to learn anything and my dream house is a library, so I must be a Ravenclaw. I took the Pottermore quiz yet again! And I am a Ravenclaw!! I’m sticking with that. To be honest, Ravenclaw seems more like me. It feels right to me.

What is your patronus? 

dolphin partronus

Dolphin. Um..that’s it.

What would your boggart be? 


I actually took a quiz for this! (Crazy idea. I know!) And I fear fear itself. Like Harry.

I am Harry Freaking Potter! (You’ll get this pun if you have watched A Very Potter Musical!)

What position would you play in Quidditch? 


Seeker. I am small and fast. I could be a Chaser too. But I could never get the ball through the hoop. I’m terrible at basketball!  (For the Witches and Wizards reading this. Basketball is a game like quidditch but without brooms and on the ground and there is only one ball.)

What job would you want to have after leaving Hogwarts? 


An Auror. Imagine all the adventures I could have!

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose? 


The Elder Wand is too much! Resurrection  Stone is freaky. I think The Cloak of Invisibility is the safest and most useful one. So the Cloak of Invisibility! And it would be very handy while I’m fighting evil!

Favorite book? 

philosopher's stone book cover

Philosopher’s Stone. It is the book where everything began. I just love it. No explanation!

Least favorite book? 


I love all the books. But if I HAD to pick, I would pick Order of the Phoenix. I get it that Harry is going through his teen years and he has problems to deal with, but he is so freaking moody in that book!

Favorite film? 


Chamber of Secrets. I have watched it about 12 times! It’s so perfect. *remembers “Bad Dobby!” scene!*

Least favorite film? 


Deathly Hallows Part 1. They just didn’t get it right.

Favorite character? 


Hermione Granger. She never gives up, always fights back, is super intelligent and well, without her, the others would be long dead.

Least favorite/ most hated character? 

Least favorite: Rita Skeeter. How can one person be so annoying!

Most hated: Umbridge. No words. Everyone knows.

Favorite teacher at Hogwarts? 


Minerva McGonagall. She is strict but also very kind-hearted. Harry had so much respect for her that when Carrow spat in her face, he was so enraged that he cast an Unforgivable Curse!

Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts? 


This evil toad.

I tag!

YOU! If you’re a HP geek then I highly recommend doing it!

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

 Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian||Rick Riordan||Book Review||thebookofjess

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian||Rick Riordan||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! At last, I found some time to type one book review out! Though there are still PLENTY more in the queue!  Today I’ll be reviewing Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan.

Just to be clear, I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus multiple times. (I just felt the need to clarify that…hehe…)

Pjo 5 book.png

pjo 5 book cover.jpg
The feels this cover gives you!

Book name: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

Author: Rick Riordan

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Every since Percy was claimed by Poseidon, he knew that he shouldn’t have been born. There was a Prophecy about him, how at the age of sixteen, he would be the one to make the choice which would decide the fate of Olympus.

And now, Percy is sixteen and he finally gets to know the full prophecy. The Great Prophecy.

A half-blood child of the eldest gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

And see the world in endless sleep

The hero’s soul, the cursed blade shall reap.

A single choice shall end his days,

Olympus to preserve or raze.

Endless sleep? Cursed blade shall reap? Percy’s sword, Riptide, is known to be an ancient, cursed blade…

All year, the demigods of Camp Half-Blood have been preparing for battle against Kronos’ forces, whose power becomes stronger with every half-blood he manages to recruit. 

As the Gods of Olympus struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos gets the perfect chance to advance on New York and towards the unguarded Mount Olympus.

Now it’s up to Percy and his friends (as usual) to save the day. But this is Percy’s deadliest battle yet. The world’s fate rests on this war. Olympus to preserve or raze. 

This book is everything. This is also the book where Percy and Annabeth become Percabeth. (Even Clarisse, the typical scary frenemy, was happy about that!) This book was the kind of book which gives you thrills and the feeling of “OH MY GOD! NOW, WHAT?!?” And just to be clear, this isn’t my first time reading this book! It’s about the 6th time. Don’t judge me…

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


Easter Time Book Tag

Easter Time Book Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! HAPPY EASTER!! I was tagged by Theresa@CalicoBooks for the Easter Time Book Tag! Go check out her awesome blog!


  • Answer the prompts.
  • Tag some friends.
  • Link back to this post, and be sure to mention the creator (Theresa @ The Calico Books)
  • Have fun!

easter time book tag.png

Easter Eggs!

Name a book that feels like a hidden gem!


I went to the bookstore with very very little time on my hands, which is very rare. That day I felt like I HAD to take a book. And I saw the Trylle trilogy on a shelf. The cover and the summary on the back was so intriguing that I got it. Came home, read it and I couldn’t put it down!


A debut novel you loved!

catlinng's bane

This book was sent to me by Diana and I absolutely loved it!

Chocolate Bunny!

A book so good you didn’t want it to end!

trials of apollo cover

The narration is so hilarious! The struggles Apollo has after he is converted into a normal teenager are hilarious!

Cheep, cheep!

A book you bought for super cheap!

a pocket full of rye book cover.jpg

I bought this book at a sale for $1.50. In all of Agatha Christie’s books, this book along with a few others seem to the only ones which do not have a dark, mysterious and philosophical cover!

Jelly Beans!

A book that you thought was just so sweet!


A classic sweet book! (Yes, I finally read it!) Loved it!


A book that changed your life!

The Harry Potter books changed my life. They introduced me to a whole new genre of books! And it just changed my life. I cannot put it in words how much these books mean to me…

Easter Basket!

A book filled with so many surprises!

Every single book!

I tag:

You! If you’re interested and haven’t done it yet!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead! ♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥



Book Addiction Tag!

Book Addiction Tag!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I saw this tag over at Siobhan’s blog and I just HAD to do it! Go and check out her blog for many such fun tags!

Meanwhile, my book review list is towering! As school JUST opened, I cannot find time to balance everything out! It’ll be okay in a week or two. So thank you, everyone, for waiting and being so supportive!

And also, HAPPY EASTER!! I’ll be sharing my Easter cheer in Sunday’s Easter Book Tag post, but it seemed a bit mean not to wish you’ll right now!

Book Addiction Tag

What Is the Longest Amount of Time You Can Comfortably Go without Picking Up a Book?

It is torture for me to go a long time without reading! I can go for 4 hours, tops!

How Many Books Do You Carry on Your Person (or Kindle) at Any One Time?

I am so scared of carrying a Kindle! It’s so big! So, I have a Kindle app on my phone. So, I’m basically carrying a mini library with me wherever I go! But I also like to carry a physical book with me at all times. It doesn’t matter whether or not I read it. I just like having a book with me!

Do You Keep Every Book You Buy/Receive or Are You Happy to Pass Them on to Make Space for More?

Ok. Confession: I hoard books. I am so protective of my books! I don’t care how much space they take, I’m keeping them! Call me crazy!

How Long Would You Spend in a Bookshop on a Standard Visit?

I can spend a day in a bookshop if I could! I normally spend 4 hours in a bookshop…that’s not much…right…?

How Much Time Per Day Do You Actually Spend Reading?

4 to 5 hours a day. I’d love to do nothing but read for a day someday.

What Is the Biggest Book (Page Count) You Have Finished Reading?

I think it would be the Trylle Trilogy. (3 in 1 )It has 1002 pages. But if I pick like one book it would be Arabian Nights, it has about 1300 pages.

Is There a Book You Had to Get Your Hands on Against All Odds (i.e., Searching Bookshops, Online Digging, Etc)?

Yes! I don’t know why, but I spent hours trying to find the hardcover version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And I was successful in my mission!

A Book You Struggled to Finish but Refused to DNF?

Agatha Christie. the thirteen problems. I read it in 6th grade. My English teacher used to tell me that once I read one Agatha Christie book, I would all of them And boy was she right!

What Are Three of Your Main Book Goals for 2019?

  1. Read as much as I can!
  2. DNF books as less as possible.
  3. Explore a new genre.

Have You Ever Had the Privilege of Converting Someone into a Reader (Maybe via Inspiration or Incessant Nagging)?

Oh, I nag people all right! But I am yet to convert someone into a reader! (I’m surrounded by idiots… that’s a Lion King reference… )  I won’t give up until I have!

Where Does the Task ‘Picking up a Book’ Appear on Your Daily To-Do List?

I counter this question with a question. Do you write, ” go to the bathroom” or “remember to breath” on your reading list? No! Reading is like that for me!

How Many Books Do You Reckon You Own in Total (Including Ebooks)?

Over 600. I have never counted it out, to be honest. But I’m sure it’s over 600. There are about 50 books I own that I haven’t read.

Approximately How Often Do You Bring Up Books in Conversation?

Whenever I can. Today, I brought up books twice!

Describe What Books Mean to You in Five Words.

My escape from this world.

I Tag: 

You! If you haven’t done this tag already, I’d love to hear your answers! 

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day and great week ahead! ♥

Let me know some of your answers to these questions in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥ ♥


Catling’s Bane||Diana Wallace Peach||Book Review||thebookofjess

Catling’s Bane||Diana Wallace Peach||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to be reviewing Catling’s Bane by Diana Wallace Peach. This book, along with the other three in the series was sent to me by Diana Wallace Peach.

catlings bane

Book Name: Catling’s Bane 

Author: Diana Wallace Peach 

Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Paranormal 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Summary: I was introduced to a world which had flaws so similar to ours, it was hard for me to believe that it is fiction and not a story of some hidden country. 

In the city of Mur-Vallis live Farlanders who possess magical abilities connected to nature.  The Ellegeans establish an order where they are the ones who control society.  The Farlander’s magic was a threat to the Ellegeans and their system. Something had to be done. 

Every hanging day, the ones with magic who posed a threat to the Ellegeans were persecuted as a showcase of entertainment for the people. The Influencers’ Guild within the Ellegeans held control over the people’s emotions. The people had no control whatsoever over what they were feeling while their own family was being slaughtered. A mother could be grinning like a fool while her son was being put to death. 

All, except for Catling. Catling possessed a birthmark resembling a rose around her eye which allowed her to see and cut the threads of influence binding her and the people around her. Naturally, they want her dead. 

Ok. I’ll admit something. This book was not easy for me to read as it was very different from the books I read. But this book actually opened up a whole new horizon of books for me. The problems faced by the world are somewhat similar to our world. The people who posed a threat to the system were persecuted in this world. They were hushed up. Similar to our world, wouldn’t you say?

Thank you, Diana, for this opportunity! I really enjoyed reading it! ♥

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥ ♥


Also, so sorry for the long absence. My internet has not been stable here due to repairs and it won’t be stable until a few more days. Everything has been going on great. I managed to read 5 books before the 15th of April and I really hope to read at least 10 this month. Let’s see!

Monthly Wrap-Up||March 2019||thebookofjess

Monthly Wrap-Up||March 2019||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! ‘Bout time I did one of these isn’t it!?!

Monthly Wrap-up March 2019.png

Switched by Amanda Hocking 


At the beginning of the month, I went to the bookstore with very little time on my hands. I had barely 25 minutes to spend and I decided to take any book that appealed to me. I bought the Trylle trilogy. I went home and started reading it and couldn’t stop! My hands were glued to the book! It was that good!

Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer

artemis fowl book 2 cover

The second book in the Artemis Fowl series. I loved the book! I cannot wait to read the next one!

Catling’s Bane by Diana Peach

catlinng's bane

Diana sent me this book, along with the other three in her series, and it took me a lot of time to read the first book! This was because I usually read books with a friendly, casual narration and fairly simple plot. This book was somewhat complicated and was definitely a step up for me! After reading this though, in the future, I will be much more comfortable reading books like these! I really enjoyed the book, though it took me time to read.

Trials of Apollo|Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan 

dark prophecy

I started reading this book December last year, right after finishing the first book, but I did not finish it because my examinations had started. The beginning of the book was pretty boring but as you read on, it becomes very exciting. Can’t wait to read the next!

Arabian Nights by Sir Richard Burton 

1001 nights book cover.jpg

The stories in the book were very captivating and the writing was beautiful, but I did not enjoy the book as much. You can read my book review if you want to see my rant about why I don’t like it!


I love to re-read books. I just cannot say goodbye to a book. To me, it is not just a BOOK, it is a world that I have entered. It’s almost as if I have a life there. However, this month, I did re-read a lot of books. Mainly because I was unwell and unhappy for a large part of the month and didn’t want to enter many new worlds!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling (re-read)

philosopher's stone book cover.jpg

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I was recovering for a large part of this month and feeling down as I didn’t get to do the things I normally do. I was/am a little stressed. In the past, this book got me through depression and not very good times. Reading this book always makes me feel happier. I have read this book approximately 16 times.

House of Hades by Rick Riordan (re-read)


house of hades book cover.jpg

4th book in the Heroes of Olympus series. I feel that I somewhat rushed through the last two books in the Heroes of Olympus series and this was my first time re-reading this book. And I loved it! (like duh!)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling (re-read)


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This was a wild decision. I was going through YouTube and came across a scene from the movie. I was nostalgic and decided to read the book! It was almost like a book craving!

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (re-read)

titans curse

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse. This is my favorite book in the PJO series and I love it. This was my…5th time re-reading it. I don’t record how many times I read a book (I really should!) so this is a rough estimation.

No. of books read: 9

Nine is a good number. My monthly average is 10 books So, 9 is great! I am happy with myself! But next month, or rather, this month, I plan to re-read no more than 2 books!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have an awesome day! Let me know your thoughts and views in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! ♥♥


Artemis Fowl: Arctic Incident||Eoin Colfer||Book Review||thebookofjess

Artemis Fowl: Arctic Incident||Eoin Colfer||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! So, in my last post, I mentioned how I have been on a book review marathon! I have written many book reviews and this is the one I would like to share first! Enjoy!

Artemis fowl arctic incident book review.png

artemis fowl book 2 cover.jpg

Book Name: Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident

Author: Eoin Colfer (pronounced “Owen” Colfer)

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fiction 

Rating: 4/5


By the age of thirteen, Artemis Fowl has displayed signs of an intellect greater than any human since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Artemis has beaten European chess champion Evan Khashoggi in an online tournament, patented more than twenty-seven inventions, and won the architectural competition to design Dublin’s new opera house. He had also written a computer program that diverted millions of dollars from Swiss accounts to his own, forged more than a dozen impressionist paintings that now hang in various galleries worldwide, and cheated the Fairy People out of a substantial amount of gold. 

The question is, why?

The answer is his father, Artemis Fowl Senior. 

Artemis Fowl Senior had bought a cargo ship, stocked it with 250 thousand cans of cola, and set course for Murmansk in Northern Russia, where he had arranged a business deal that could prove profitable for decades to come.

Unfortunately, the Russian Mafiya decided they did not want an Irish tycoon cutting himself a slice of their market and sank the Fowl Star. Artemis Fowl the First was presumed dead. 

Artemis Fowl the Second was now the head of an empire with limited funds. To restore his family’s vast fortune, he embarked on a criminal career that would earn him millions in two short years. 

As Artemis refused to believe his father was dead, this vast fortune was mainly spent financing rescue missions to Russia. 

The loss of her husband had a profound effect on Angeline Fowl, his mother. It is doubtful that she would have recovered had not her son, Artemis Fowl the Second, done a deal with the elf Holly Short. His mother’s sanity in exchange for half the ransom gold he had stolen from the Fairy People. 

Angeline, distraught over her son’s obsession and afraid of the past year on Artemis’ mind signed him up for treatment with the school counselor. The world’s youngest criminal mastermind against a school counselor. That’s not fair. Artemis himself had read more psychology books than the counselor! But the counselor left Artemis with one question. Does he consider anyone worthy of his respect? 

Artemis receives an email with a picture of a man dressed in rags of a once fine suit, with a sign around the man’s neck. Zadravstvutye Syn. Hello, son. 

His father is a captive. 

He gets the help of the Fairy People in this mission in exchange for his help to stop the goblin uprising. Although this is a deal, Holly Short and Commander Root almost sacrifice themselves to save him and his father. Butler, his bodyguard, and only friend is ready to die for him. Artemis believes that he has at last found people worthy of his respect. 

This is the second book in the Artemis Fowl series. In this book, we get to see Artemis develop as a person. He is more considerate, warm and caring. He also learns that life is not just about running after a mission, sometimes you need to think of family and friends as well. Overall, we can see every character developing and becoming a better person. (Or, um, fairy…) In my book reading experience, this is the book where we see characters developing, but not fully. They still have lots to learn and plenty of room for development. Overall, I enjoyed the book.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have an awesome day! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you all! ♥

And also, I have reached 300+ followers!!! Thank you, everyone! I couldn’t have done it without you!!♥♥♥


Switched||Amanda Hocking||Book Review||thebookofjess

Switched||Amanda Hocking||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to be reviewing a book that I actually bought by accident but ended up loving it! For the past two days, I have been on a book review marathon. In two days, I must have written about 15 book reviews! So, brace yourself for many upcoming reviews! 


Book Name: Switched 

Author: Amanda Hocking

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal 

Rating: 4.5/5


“What if your entire world was built on a lie?”

Wendy knew she was not normal. Her mother had never been fond of her. On her sixth birthday, her mother tried to kill her and accused Wendy of not being her daughter. Little did she know her mother had been right. Since then, she has lived with her older brother, Matt and their aunt, Maggie. They are the only people who love her and care about her. 

But there is one secret she cannot tell anyone. Not even Matt and Maggie. How could she? They wouldn’t believe her! She can influence other people’s decision just by staring into their eyes. But she doesn’t like to use unless it’s absolutely necessary. It makes her feel dirty and manipulative. 

There is one mystery that’s almost eating her up. Finn Holmes. A dark and handsome newcomer at school who stares at her every single minute. And has no legitimate answer as to why he does so. 

One night, after a disastrous dance at her school, Finn Holmes turns up at her bedroom window confirms all the suspicions she had been harboring. All the horrible things her mother had told her were true. He tells her that she is a changeling who was switched at birth with a human child – and he has come to take her home. 

He knows who she truly is, the answer to her strange power and holds the door open to a place she never imagined could exist. Förening, the home of the Trylle. 

Now Wendy is about to journey to a magical world which holds both beauty and fear. She must leave her old life behind if she wants to save those she loves and discover who she is meant to be. 

It should be noted that this book does contain some bad words. So if you’re below the age of 13, please ask your parents before reading the book!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have an awesome day!♥

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you all! ♥♥


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets||J.K.Rowling||Book Review||thebookofjess

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets||J.K.Rowling||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! A few days ago, I realized the amount of rant I do on how much I like Harry Potter and the fact that I have read the books multiple times, and yet, I have only reviewed the first book! And that too a long time ago! So, I am going to start reviewing the Harry Potter books, a.k.a my favorite book series in the world! I promise my reviews will be completely honest!


hp book 2 cover

Book Name: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author: J.K.Rowling

Genre: YA, fiction, fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5


Harry Potter is an unusual boy in many ways. For one thing, he hates summer holidays and can’t wait to get back to his school. (You would too if you were going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.) He cannot wait to get back to school after a particularly horrible summer with the Dursleys.

One night, the Dursleys hold a dinner party for a potential client for Grunnings, the Dursleys’ drill-machine company. Obviously, Harry is not invited and is banished to his room. He is to make no noise that might give away the fact that he exists. Of course, things do not go as planned!

He receives a visit from Dobby, a house-elf. Dobby tells Harry that he must not go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for danger awaits him there. When Harry refuses, Dobby sneaks downstairs and ruins the dinner party by dropping pudding on the guests. (Really what a waste of perfectly good pudding!)

The Dursleys, under the impression that Harry has caused the havoc, lock him in his room and forbid him to return to his school. (Most teens probably long for that punishment! I know I do!)He is rescued by his best friend, Ron and his brother, Fred and George in their flying car.

Despite Dobby’s interventions, Harry manages to return to Hogwarts, only to stumble into the mystery of The Chamber of Secrets. (Dobby was telling the truth, Harry!)

On Halloween night, Harry, Ron, and Hermione find the message “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware”, on a wall, painted with something that looks horribly like blood. Below this message is a petrified Mrs. Norris, the caretaker’s cat.

Suddenly, students who didn’t come from “pureblood” wizarding families start getting petrified.

The school is in a lot of danger and there is a rumor that if the threat doesn’t go, Hogwarts may be closed for good.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll like it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! Bye!


Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I was tagged by Sophie for the Book Blogger Confessions Tag! Go and check out her amazing blog! As you’ll may have noticed I have been trying to post more often than before and so far I have been successful! From mid-April, however, I’ll be posting about two or three times a week as my school will be starting! But I promise not to slack off!

book blogger cnfessions tag.png


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their post.
  • Answer these questions truthfully.
  • Tag 5 other bloggers.

1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish?



Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice.

I do not hate these books. They are amazing books. But right now, I am not in the mood for reading them. My temptation for YA books is higher right now. I will read them though! I promise!

2. Which book is your guilty pleasure?


Switched by Amanda Hocking. You need to read it to find out! It’s a great book, but I didn’t expect it to be so intense…

3. Which book do you love to hate?

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I have not read the book. This is because of three reasons: I am not interested in Norse Mythology as much I am interested in Greek Mythology. The cover does NOT appeal to me. My friend, who loves the book, is urging me to read it, but I really like to annoy her!

4. Which book would you throw into the sea?

Hmm…probably Twilight! The whole point of the book seems useless to me! (I’m sorry if you are a fan of the book!)

5. Which book have you read the most?


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I have read it about 15 times I think…!

6. Which book would you hate to receive as a gift? 

I would be happy to receive any book as a gift! I’ll be in the seventh heaven of delight! It is the perfect gift anyone can give to me!

I wouldn’t hate it if someone gave me a book I’d already read, as a gift, but it would seem unnecessary and a waste. I would probably give it to someone who hasn’t read it.

7. Which book could you not live without? 


Ooh! There are so many! I would pick Harry Potter. It is my favorite book in the world. I just cannot live without it.

Seriously though, my blog should be about Harry Potter, considering how I mention it in every, dang post

8. Which book made you angriest?


Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.

I love the book. But in the end, he just plunges the two main characters into Tartarus! Just like that! Arrggghh! (It makes me sad and angry!)

9. Which book made you cry the most?

boy in the stripped pyjamas.jpg

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.

It’s set in WW2 and it’s a very sad story. I recommend reading the ending with a box of tissues.

10. Which book cover do you hate the most?

the little prince book review

The Little Prince. I love the book very much! It’s a beautiful book. But I have seen people interpreting it to be a children’s book by its cover. *cough* my classmates *cough*. The cover doesn’t do the book justice.

I Tag:







To the ones I have tagged, if you have done this tag or don’t really wanna do it, it’s okay! If you do, then have fun!

Thank you for reading! Hope you’ll have a great day! Let me know some of your answers in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll! 🙂









Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth||Rick Riordan|| Book Review||thebookofjess

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth||Rick Riordan|| Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great day! In the past, I have reviewed the first three books of the Percy Jackson series and here is the fourth! I must have read the books…6 times? I am NOT satisfied with reading a book just once!

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth -Rick Riordan Book Review

pjo. book 4. cover

Book Name: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Battle of the Labyrinth

Author: Rick Riordan 

Genre: YA, fantasy, fiction, mythology 

Rating: 4/5

Summary: During a game of Capture the Flag, Percy and Annabeth find themselves lost in a strange and unknown place. They don’t know how they ended up there but they manage to get out in a few minutes. They come back to Camp to find people searching for them. They had been gone for over an hour. 

They had, unknowingly, entered the Labyrinth. 

Demigods are the only beings who can fight Kronos forces. Therefore, Camp Half-Blood is the first place on Kronos’ “To Destroy” list. (Not “To Do”! “To Destroy”! Screams evil!) He is planning the invasion to come through the Labyrinth, one of whose entrance is located at Camp Half-Blood. (How convenient!) 

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson venture into this forbidding and constantly shifting underground world, seeking a way to stop Kronos’ forces. 


Before going on a quest, each demigod has to visit the Oracle of Delphi for a prophecy. This is the Prophecy received by Annabeth:

You shall delve in the darkness of the endless maze,

The dead, the traitor, and the lost one raise.

You shall rise or fall by the ghost king’s hand,

The Child of Athena’s final stand.

Destroy with a hero’s final breath,

And lose a love to worse than death.

This is the fourth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This is the book where the actual war starts. Until now, it had been dangerous quests, riddles, and training. In this book, we also see characters blooming and former simple relationships turn to complicated and dramatic relationships. This is definitely a turning point book. (If that makes any sense!)

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day! Let me your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!

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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! So, when I started blogging, I saw this tag all around WordPress and I decided to do it. Sadly, I could not maintain it. 😦

Now I really hope to!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words and is super easy to do. All you have to do is answer three questions and have fun! I recommend doing this if you haven’t done it already!

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

Catling’s Bane by Diana Peach Wallace, Switched by Amanda Hocking, and Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan.

Two amazing books! Usually, it wouldn’t have taken me this long to read three books, but I have been pretty down lately. Recovering from infections and colds is not fun! I feel really bad for taking this much time to read Catling’s Bane as the author herself sent it to me! And I really hope she’ll forgive me for taking so long! (Sorry!)

What did you finish recently reading?

Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer. And re-reading Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan.

I love to re-read books. Especially books that helped me go through times. It’s very comforting.

What do you think you’ll read next? 

Torn by Amanda Hocking, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkein, and Oathbreaker’s Guild by Diana Peach Wallace.

I started reading LOTR but unfortunately, I found it a bit tedious and I moved onto another book. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to read it after getting a few books off my TBR.

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Trials of Apollo||The Hidden Oracle||Rick Riordan||Book Review ||thebookofjess

Trials of Apollo||The Hidden Oracle||Rick Riordan||Book Review ||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Here is another book review. I have been trying my hardest to write book reviews as fast as I can but the fact that I read faster than I can write has drawn me back! I am trying my hardest to catch up and I hope that you’ll understand. Today I am reviewing a book by one of my favorite authors in the world!

Trials of Apollo The Hidden Oracle -Rick Riordan Book Review

trials of apollo cover.jpg
Google image.

Book name: Trials of Apollo. The Hidden Oracle

Author: Rick Riordan 

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Mythic fiction, adventure fiction, Drama

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: Apollo wakes up in a dumpster in New York City. He has very vague memories of his father, Zeus, punishing him for revealing the Prophecy of the Seven too soon and thus, causing the whole fiasco of the series Heroes of Olympus. He learns that he is now a human teenager named Lester Papadopoulos. (Woah, that’s a name!) However, he has no time to ponder upon this as some thugs attempt to mug him. No longer a god, he does not have the power to fight them without training. A girl by the name of Meg McCaffrey saves him by knocking the thugs out with garbage. (She sorta specializes in that…)

Apollo learns that she is a demigod and it is unsafe for both of them to be wondering in the streets of New York without weapons. Luckily, Apollo knew someone who could escort them. Percy Jackson. (Calm yourself fangirls!) 

They reach Percy Jackson’s house and are greeted warmly by his mother, Sally Jackson. She makes them a seven-layer dip (Can I join in?) and supplies them with proper clothes. With Percy’s help, Apollo and Meg manage to get to Camp Half-Blood. 

Upon their arrival, they learn that the Oracle of Delphi, in the form of Rachel Elizabeth Dare, cannot issue prophecies. Communication methods have been unfunctional as well. With a cherry on top, Chiron informs them that campers have been randomly disappearing into the woods. (Think that this is kind of a weird welcome? That’s how we do it at Camp Half-Blood!)

That night Meg McCaffrey gets claimed by Demeter, goddess of agriculture and harvest.  It stuns Apollo that how can garbage-girl be the daughter of the goddess of agriculture. (And to be honest, it stunned me too!) 

The next day, Apollo tries to practice music and archery. As he is not a god anymore, his skills are imperfect. Frustrated, he swears on the River Styx to never use a bow or a musical instrument until he is a god again. (Yeah, bad decision Apollo.)

Rachel Elizabeth Dare returns to camp with news. A secretive company named Triumvirate Holdings is attempting to destroy all the oracles and means of knowing the future in the world. Hereby, making the future unpredictable for all creators. And they are staring with the Grove of Dodona, which is located at Camp Half-Blood and has been drawing campers to itself. 

It is up to Apollo to save the campers and the oracles. Apollo may be a scrawny demigod, but he knows where his loyalties lie. 

Till date, I have loved all the Rick Riordan books I’ve read. The thing I most loved about the book was how Apollo narrated it. Seeing things from his POV was hilarious! I really recommend this book to people who enjoyed reading the Percy Jackosn series and to people who love YA books.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have an awesome day! Let me know your views in the comments! I’d love to hear from you’ll!

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Arabian Nights||Sir Richard Burton||Book Review||thebookofjess

Arabian Nights||Sir Richard Burton||Book Review||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a good day! Today I am going to be reviewing the book “Arabian Nights” by Sir Richard Burton. The book I read is written in Victorian English and is 716 pages long. I don’t normally go for books with short stories but the reason why I read this is… I wanted to read the original version of the book I read when I was eight. Reading this really changed my outlook.

arabian nights book review.png

Book name: Arabian Nights

Author: Sir Richard Burton

Genre: Fairy Tale, Fiction. 

Rating: 3/5


The Arabian Nights, also known as The Thousand and One Nights is a collection of fables, fairy tales, romances, and historical stories, originating from various ethnic sources, including India, Persia, and Arabia. The mainframe concerns a Persian king and his new bride, Scheherazade (My I had trouble spelling that out!). The Persian king, Shahryar, is shocked to discover that his brother’s wife is unfaithful and is shocked to discover his own wife to be even more blatant. In his bitterness and grief, he decided that all women are the same and should be punished. He begins to marry a succession of virgins, only to execute each one, before she has a chance to hurt him. Eventually, it is Scheherazade’s turn. On the night before her execution, she begins to tell the king a tale but does not end it. The king, curious about the conclusion, postpones her execution to the next day. The next night, she ends the tale and begins a new one. But only begins it. The king, eager to hear the conclusion, postpones her execution once more. So it goes on for A Thousand and One Nights. (It is unclear as to whether he executes her or not in my edition of the book). 

I usually do not give books such a low rating. Although this book was interesting to read and the stories were very capturing, there was something very shameful. Women treated like they were dirt. Even the women of high standards are considered a thing of pleasure and worthless. A doll, if I may say. They have no other job other than looking after the house and look pretty. I may be biased because I am a feminist. Actually, I am sure I am biased.

I heard about Arabian Nights as a child, but the stories that I read had women who were fighters. even princesses were brave and could do whatever the hell they wanted to. I was under the impression that all the things in the world nowadays, did not exist back then. ( Mind you I was like eight then!) But now, after knowing the truth and having read this book, not at all!

In my life, I have seen various examples of women being treated unequally. I have seen men say that women are weaker, women cannot work after marriage, women cannot go out in the evenings and they cannot do a hundred different things that men can. I live in India. In typical Hindu families, there is a rule that women must always cover her face with her saree when she is in front of her in-laws. Here most women are not allowed to wear western clothes, i.e., t-shirt and jeans. I am not disrespecting any religion, but what is the reason for which women are considered to be so weak and fragile?

Don’t get me wrong. The stories are really capturing and fascinating. But the fact that fathers could sell off their daughters, suitors could buy them, women being nothing but a toy, women having to sell themselves for money, is just too much.

Don’t let my views cloud yours! I’ll give you two reasons to read it: 1. the stories are good and most have a strong moral.

2. It’ll give you a really good description of how women were treated. (especially in countries like India, Persia, and Arabia) I would really recommend this to people my age who need to discover how women were treated and may not want to read lengthy textbooks.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this book, whether you have read it, or would you like to read it?

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Childhood books that will remain with me forever.

Childhood books that will remain with me forever.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I have good news. I am pretty much out of the danger zone that I had been in with my health. I am still taking some really nasty meds but well, it’ll be over in a few days! I am very grateful to everyone for understanding my decision of repeating a year, especially my friends. I expected to drift apart from them but I have actually bonded more than ever. It is not easy. Repeating a year, making new friends(especially friends who like books…) but well some things have to be done whether we like them or not. It is completely my decision and the reason I have made this decision is that it will be beneficial for me in the long term.

Ok, enough rant! Let’s get on with this post! This is my story of becoming a bookworm and the books that I used as stepping stones to lead me!

So, a few days ago, I was looking through my bookshelf to find a book and I saw that I have so many Famous Five and Secret Seven books and so many Enid Blyton books. I also have Narnia books and Peter Pan. I became a bookworm because of these books and I keep them like they are diamonds! I don’t lend them or take them out of the house! I gravitate towards YA and fantasy and sci-fi books now. But I remember every single thing that happened in these books. Today I’ll be sharing the story of how exactly did I become a bookworm that I am! Maybe I have shared bits and pieces of it already but who cares?

childhood books
I designed this just as I would have done when I was 10. Now, almost five years later, I am starting to think about how I would have looked when I went out in my sparkly hot pink jacket…yikes!

How I became a bookworm?

I was ten or eleven when our family went to a friend’s house. I was terribly shy and nervous. My father’s friend, Mr. Dias, asked me if I read books. I replied, “Sometimes…maybe” (Yes. That was my answer!) He had a table which had a lot of books on it. He took out two Famous Five books and gave them to me. I came back home and started reading one book. I was no more there. I was in Kirrin village. And I became a bookworm. Two years ago, Mr. Dias died and although I hardly knew him, I’ll forever be grateful to him for introducing me to this amazing world!

Now, I am going to be listing some books that I’ll always love, no matter how old I get. I am not including all the books I read nowadays, like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and all because they fall in the YA, fantasy category which I read nowadays, a.k.a after becoming a bookworm.

Famous Five 

famous five

As mentioned, these books were the ones that made me fall in love with reading. After reading all the 21 books, I feel that Julian, Dick, George, Anne, and Timmy are real people. I still read this if I am feeling very sad because no matter what these books always cheer me up!

Secret Seven

secret 7

After finishing Famous Five, I was SO excited to find out that there was a similar series. Their meetings were so thrilling to me! I remember there was a small shed and an oil-lit lamp and it used to be dark and spooky when they sat down to discuss the newest, juiciest mystery!

Malory Towers


So much of school drama and midnight feasts. I remember wanting to go to boarding school so bad after reading this! I have never had a midnight feast. Only light snacks when I stay up late reading or studying. Mostly reading. And every day. Ok, drifting away from the topic here! Anyways, I think no kid would have wanted to go to boarding school more than me at the time.

St. Clare’s


My school is sooo boring compared to these books! I mean come on! They have girls here who formerly worked in a circus! The best I get in my school is a badminton or table tennis champion! No circus people in my school! I am so disappointed!

(While editing this, I am imagining all The Greatest Showman characters in my school. All like, “Oh! This is the Greatest Show!”)

Chronicles of Narnia


Narnia! I remember watching them with my sister when I was 5 or 6. I didn’t really understand anything but I just loved it! I read the books a few years ago and I watched the movies again about a month ago and absolutely loved it!


Peter Pan

peter pan

I will still go to Neverland if I could get the chance. Who wouldn’t?!?! Seriously who wouldn’t? I’d like to ask them why?

And many many Enid Blyton booksenid blyton books.jpg

Enid Blyton was my favorite author when I was 10 and 11! I have read so many series like The Faraway Tree, Adventure Series, Barney series, Naughtiest Girl. And many others. If I name them all, we’ll be here for the next two days!

Thank you’ll for reading! Let me know in the comments if you’ll like to read these books when you were younger or if you liked to read something else? I would love to hear from you all! Have a great day!

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Bad Book Habits Tag

Bad Book Habits Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I have decided to post more often than two days in a week for the next month or so as I have quite a bit of time on my hands as I am still recovering. I have also been writing a story series and I am very excited to post it! (soon!)  And there are a lot of book reviews in line too!

Today I am doing a tag I saw over Nicky’s blog and I related to it so much that I simply had to do it! Comment down below if you can recognize yourself in these answers! (Which many of you might!)

Bad Book Habits Tag

Before I begin. I have recently discovered that people can follow blogs through their email a.k.a email followers. So, if you are interested please do follow me! All you have to do is visit my actual blog, and on the left sidebar you can see “Follow Blog via email”. Thank you! 🙂

1) Spending too much money on books. 

I am literally broke at the end of the month because I buy TOO many books. I make up my mind to do not spend too much, I can always download more e-books(which I do! But that’s another problem!). With all these resolutions in mind, I go to the bookstore and then when I’m there. I’m like, “Who cares about those silly old resolutions!? I am going to buy all these lonely books! They need a good home!” When I get back home. “Next time. Next time I’ll do better. Promise.” …My Life!

2) Trying to read too many books at once. 

Oh boy, I do this! I am currently reading The Dark Prophecy, LOTR, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident and re-reading Deathly Hallows! So, yeah.

3) Hoarding books. 

As I said above. This is yet another problem! I buy books (normal and e-books), download .pdf and do whatever I can do in my power to acquire books. If I were a criminal and if I kidnapped someone, in ransom I would ask for 2000 books! So this a huge problem and I don’t think I’ll ever come out of this maze! As it happens, I am pretty happy to live in this maze!

4) Not utilizing my library enough.

The nearest library is about 8 kilometers away. So I don’t even get to go to the library. Lately, though, I have been thinking of getting a subscription so that I can stop being broke at the end of the month. But not owning the books that I’ve read is a horror for me! I like to own the books I read, whether they are a hardcopy or softcopy! That’s another bad habit for you right there!

5) Tuning out the world.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Is this a problem for me? Yes! I literally live in the book I’m reading and have ears and eyes for nothing else! I also need to get out of the house more to soak in more sunlight. I have been detected with a low vitamin D level. So, from around mid-March, when I’m completely okay, I am going to going out in the morning and do some running beside the lake, which is not that far and I love running. So maybe I need to keep in mind that my reality is okay before diving into my book world for the next few hours!

Phew! We’re done and I don’t have to admit anything else about my bad book habits…

Thank you’ll for reading! Let me know in the comments if you can relate or if you have seen these symptoms in some other person! There has to be at least one bookworm in your life!

I Tag:

Everyone is hereby tagged! I tag everyone who is interested in doing this tag!


20 Questions Book Tag

20 Questions Book Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to be doing the 20 Question Book Tag! I was tagged by Sarah and if you haven’t checked out her awesome blog then please do! You’re missing out a lot!

20 ques book tag

How many books are too many in a series?

I need at least 6 books in a series. Trilogies are okay. But to me, there can’t be enough books in a series. I want so much more!!

How do you feel about cliff-hangers?

If a book ends in a cliffhanger. I’m like, “Hello darkness, my old friend.”

I hate cliffhangers. If I finish a book at midnight and it ends in a cliffhanger, I will want to go to the bookstore then and there to get the next book or buy an e-book.

God forbid if the next book has not been released! I will spend the whole day thinking about what could have happened.

Unfortunately, the authors really like cliffhangers. (At least they make me wanna read the next book!)

Hardback or paperback?


Favorite book?

I.Can’t.Choose. If I HAD to though, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. (don’t judge me…)

Least favorite book?

Prisoner of Zenda. This was on my sixth-grade summer reading list. And I remember hating this book. I still have it somewhere.

Love Triangle… yes or no?

Yes and no. It depends on what the story is about.

The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I loved the movie. Watched it 3 times. But I couldn’t finish the screenplay for the life of me!

A book you’re currently reading?

Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident. 2nd book in the series. Love it!

The last book you recommended to someone?

I don’t actually have anyone in real life to talk about books. But I vaguely remember recommending someone to read Percy Jackson and Hunger Games. Two of my favorites!

The oldest book you’ve read (based on publication date)?

I don’t remember all the books that I’ve read. But I think Anne of Green Gables could be the oldest book I’ve read.

The newest book you’ve read (based on publication date)?

I guess The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan.

Favorite author?

Is this a question? J.K.Rowling, duh!

Buying books or borrowing them?

Buying them. Even if it’s an e-book. I like to own the books I read. If I borrow a book, then I’ll forget I even read it!

A book you dislike that everyone else loves?

I wouldn’t say, everyone! Magnus Chase. Some people really like it. I didn’t. So, I’m going to give it another shot one of these days. (maybe…)

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

I lose bookmarks So often! So I started using small, silver paperclips to mark exactly where I left off. It’s really useful.

A book you can reread over and over?

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer! Right now I am obsessed with the series!

Can you read while listening to music?

No. One at a time.

Multiple POVs or one POV?

Multiple POVs. I didn’t think I would like this until I read Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days on average?

Multiple days on average. Unless I really like it!

I tag:


And anyone else who is interested!!

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you’ll do. I’d love to hear one or two answers from you’ll!

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Artemis Fowl || Eoin Colfer || Book Review ||thebookofjess

Artemis Fowl || Eoin Colfer || Book Review ||thebookofjess

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I am going to review Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.

artemis fowl book review

artemis fowl book cover.jpg

Book name: Artemis Fowl

Author: Eoin Colfer (pronounced “Owen” Colfer)

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Rating: 9/10

Summary:  Artemis Fowl is a child prodigy. He has suffered in life. After his father left and never came back, his mother went into a state of shock and isn’t the same anymore. He does not live the life of a regular boy in any aspect. At the age of twelve, he devised a plan to restore his family’s fortune, at the risk of plunging the planet into a cross-species war which could lead to the end of human civilization. But Artemis is always two steps ahead of his enemies. He does not make the same mistakes as your everyday criminal.

At the age of ten, he became interested in surfing the internet. Unlike many children his age, he did not stick with YouTube but quickly found the more arcane sites such as aliens and UFO sightings. He became very interested in one particular legend. Fairies. The existence of the People. For hundreds of years, there have been references to fairies in almost every country across the globe. There are many different names for them, but undoubtedly they are members of the same species. If he could get his hands on some of the People’s gold, he would be able to restore his family’s fortune. But how? He posted an ad on the internet saying that if anyone could show him the whereabouts of fairies, he would give them twenty thousand dollars.

After a few unfruitful visits to places, Artemis won the lottery in Ho Chi Minh City where a man named Nguyen claimed that he knew a fairy. And he did. Artemis found a fairy who was ready to give him the Book for thirty minutes in exchange for wine. Like the Bible, the People had the Book which contains their history and rules they have to follow. Everything that he needed to know about the fairies was in the Book. Unlike the Bible, the People had to carry the book with them wherever they went. And so, Artemis could start his evil scheme.

He knew he couldn’t get the gold by force. The People’s technology and skills were far superior to humans. To get the gold, he needed to hold someone hostage and then ask for the gold in ransom. This was difficult as it was next to impossible to catch a fairy as they could use their magic to become invisible and mesmerize the person they talked to. After having cracked the fairy code in fourteen hours and he found out that to keep their magic, fairies had to perform the Ritual and to do so they had to come up to the earth at a full moon. A weak fairy? Coming up to the earth? Nothing could be better. Everything was playing into his hands.

Artemis Fowl the Second is always two steps ahead of his enemies. But, he has found a worthy opponent in the People. They have the power to stop time over a certain place, kill him without a trace and technology far superior to humans. Will he be able to pull through his wicked scheme?

Why I loved the way Eoin Colfer represented the book?

I wouldn’t even have bought this book if it hadn’t been for the very interesting story on the back cover. Here are the images:

The way the paper on this cover is ripped and attached is amazing. As if it was done on purpose to hide information!
Eoin Colfer claiming to be Artemis Fowl’s Official Biographer!
A disclaimer from Artemis Fowl himself.  P.S. Sorry for the adhesive on the words. I did my best to peel off the price tag!


Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you liked the review and if you’d like to read this book!

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My views on Hermione Granger’s behavior. And why she is the main hero.

My views on Hermione Granger’s behavior. And why she is the main hero.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I am posting today instead of tomorrow because I may not be home tomorrow. Today I am going to do a post I have been wanting to do for a very long time!

Also, before we start, I want to let you’ll know about something new! I have recently updated my Contact page and I have also published an About page. So please go and check it out! And leave a comment if you like it!

I have seen many people posting hate posts about Hermione, I even got into a heated argument with one blogger. I am not saying everything she did was justified. But what was the ding dang reason!?!

Let’s explore!

Text placehol

She discovered a whole new world at the age of eleven. That’s bound to affect her. 

Let’s be real. How many of us discover a world? Much less at the age of eleven!

Hermione Granger did not know she was a witch until the age of eleven. She was not very pretty but she was very smart. She had never had many friends. Then one day, after learning she was a witch, a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities opened before her. She would get to start over her life in a new world! She was/is bossy. Because of three reasons:

  • She thinks she’s always right.
  • She is almost always right.
  • She wants people to know she is right and wants them to stop teasing her and call her a know-it-all or nerd. (As we know, Hermione is a strong character and does not yield to circumstances, she bends the circumstances to suit her.)

As she is not a weak person and with the fact that people judge her by her high intelligence. She is no other resort but to be bossy. That is how she can get people to know her presence. Of course, it was a bad resort, but Hermione was a freaking eleven-year-old, a very intelligent eleven-year-old no doubt. (All through the books, I think, that Hermione wants authority, is capable of handling that authority, but isn’t always given the authority. In the fifth book, the Professors understand this and make her perfect.) She didn’t yet know how to cope with situations in a simpler and less bossy way.

House pride. 

She was very proud to be a Gryffindor and from her very first day she started earning points for her house with the help of her intelligence. She was not good at anything besides studies and magic. Sports was way out of her league. She was proud of being able to earn points! She tried to stop Harry and Ron from doing stupid things because she was afraid that if they were caught, they would lose house points. She had a lot of house pride.

Being expelled was a nightmare.

We all know Hermione’s iconic quote “…killed or worse expelled.”. There was more than her thirst of learning behind that. She was afraid that if she made any mistake, she would be expelled. Of course, later on, she learned that Hogwarts did not expel students for small rule-breaking. But then, she was very very afraid of it. If she were to be expelled, then she would have to return to the Muggle world and live there for the rest of her life. That thought was unbearable to her!

She was ashamed that she didn’t have any friends.

Ron made fun of her when she outshone him in Charms. Ron is a very sweet and nice person but he can be a tad too unkind. She wouldn’t have given it a damn if Ron had sulked. But he chose the mean path and made fun of her. Of the fact that she did not have any friends. So she cried and hid in the bathroom. You can say that Ron was angry that she beat him and was taking out his anger. Like an eleven-year-old would.

Why she lied to Professor McGonagall?

Yes, she was ashamed to admit that she hid in the bathroom. Anyone, even a freaking 30 years old would be ashamed to admit that. Her fear of being expelled also worked on her. But I think that she saw that Harry and Ron had risked their lives to save her. She did not want any trouble for them after that. So, she took the whole blame on herself and made it sound as if Harry and Ron had risked their lives, which they had. Maybe McGonagall saw through this. Maybe she didn’t. But anyways, all that was done was some point deduction and addition. Harry and Ron saw that Hermione appreciated their help and they became friends.



Why Hermione Granger is the main hero?

Let’s go book by book, shall we?

Philosopher’s Stone

She helped the other two figure out what was hidden under the trap door. (The Stone)

She also brought them out of the Devil’s Snare. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Ron yelled to light a fire. Only after she said, “it hates the light”. It is normal to panic at times like this! Harry and Ron would have died then and there. She also figured out the Potions Riddle. Without her, Harry would have drunk the wrong potion!

Chamber of Secrets

She was the one who figured out the whole basilisk thing. Without that crucial bit of info, Harry and Ron might not even have gone down to the Chamber and Ginny would have died and Voldemort would be back to power. So yeah, even in a petrified condition she helped!

Prisoner of Azkaban

It was because of her thirst of learning did she acquire the time-turner. Without the time -turner, Sirius and Buckbeak would have died.

Now, people say she tormented Ron with the whole Scabbers thing. Did Ron expect her not to get a cat for herself? Did he want her to apologize for her cat’s natural instinct? She handed in the Firebolt because she was worried about Harry. Nobody knew at the time that Sirius was a good man after all (Except Wormtail and all my fellow Harry Potter re-readers!). It was wrong of Harry and Ron to get angry with her.

Goblet of Fire

She helped Harry learn all the spells for the Triwizard Tournament. She stayed up all night to help him learn the Accio spell. Without her help, Harry wouldn’t have been able to get past the dragon. She also excepted the truth about Harry not entering his name. She was a support pillar for Harry for the coming books and Harry to her.

Order of the Phoenix

She was the one who thought of the DA. All because she wanted to be prepared for what was out there. And boy did that come in handy! She also helped Harry from being Crucioed by Umbridge. And she fought bravely in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

Half-Blood Prince

Ron was a prat to her throughout this book. She was annoyed because of Ron and the Potions book. This book mainly focused on these things, along with Dumbledore’s lessons and Draco’s plot. She had been right about the Half-Blood Prince, but I agree that she was jealous too. She, along with Ron, Neville, Luna and many others fought bravely on the night of Dumbledore’s death.

Deathly Hallows

Every. Five. Seconds.

Nailed it!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! Let me know in the comments whether you did or not (critiques are also welcome!).

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5 W’s Book Tag!

5 W’s Book Tag!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all having a great day! I am much better. But I will need to eat meds for the next month or so :/. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive! THANK YOU!

Today I will be doing a Book Tag on Sophie‘s blog quite a time ago and I had decided to do it but didn’t get any time. I am very excited to do this tag!

5 W's Book Tag

1) WHO? Who is an author you’d love to have one on one with?

I’d love to have a one on one with J.K.Rowling! My favorite book series is HP and I would go CRAZY if I met the person who wrote it!!!

I would also like to meet Rick Riordan or Eoin Colfer (Authors who wrote Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl respectively).

2) WHAT? What genre or style do you most gravitate to?

I gravitate towards YA, fantasy, adventure, paranormal, fictional, biographies and history. I am open to all genres, which I wasn’t until a few months ago. But now, I am open to all genres, however, I do tend to gravitate towards the genres I mentioned above.

3) WHERE? Where do you prefer to read?

I prefer to read in my room. On the bed, chair, floor. ANYWHERE IN MY ROOM. I also read at school during recess and free periods. Like, come on, I’m getting EXTRA time to read. Like I’m gonna give that up!

4) WHEN? What time of the day do you prefer to read?

Anytime. I am happy to be able to read. If I HAD to pick, I’d pick night, mainly because it’s quiet and no one will disturb me!

5) WHY? Why is your favorite book?

My favorite book series is Harry Potter. But an individual favorite book… How can I pick!?!?!

Ok…Philosopher’s Stone. This would be because it is the book which introduced me to Harry Potter. After reading this book series my life changed. So yeah. 🙂

BONUS! How do you go about selecting what you’ll read next?

Hmmm… I search for books on the internet. Go to the bookstore or download the e-book. I usually read series or at least trilogies. Duologies are also okay. But I think that a single book for the characters is too little. Basically, I just go with gut feeling. There’s no particular method.

I tag:


Book Beach Bunny



Kristyn@Bibliophile Empress

Maggie@dreaming of guatemala

I have tagged some bloggers I met recently and some of the bloggers I met a long time ago. Just to be clear, you don’t have to do this tag, but if you do then please do link me so I can read your answers.

And anyone else who wants to do is welcome to do it!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments whether you’ll do the same as me or differently. I’d love to hear from you all!

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Some books I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Some books I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! I am doing better in health, though I am still not fit as a horse (!?!?!) I am certainly resting a lot! ( This gave me a very good chance to read books!) And speaking of books, today I am going to be listing some books I REALLY want to read! I just can’t wait to get to the store!!! I generally do my reading in my tablet or mobile but I have a sudden craving of reading real books and smell them (does ANYONE else do that? Or is it just me being weird…) So, I can’t wait to go there! I’ll probably visit tomorrow, I am well enough to go out for a short time. These are not ALL the books I want to read, just some really popular titles that people have read and I haven’t. Without further ado, let’s do it! 

take your business to the next level!

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.

– Leigh Bardugo


I have read amazing reviews of these all over WordPress and I want to know what is so appealing about them?

Mortal Instruments

– Cassandra Clare 


I have seen so many people read this and the covers and summaries look amazing! People really seemed to enjoy City of Glass.

Wuthering Heights

– Emily Bronte


I love to read books that are old and have that old fashion feeling ( I love YA too, don’t get me wrong). I have not seen many people read this but I read about the plot in an article and I want it! 


– J.R.R.Tolkien 


I have seen people read this but one of my friends said this was boring. That ain’t gonna stop me from reading it. According to Google I should read Hobbit before LOTR, and I really want to read LOTR, so… Let me know in the comments whether this is necessary…

Lord of the Rings

– J.R.R.Tolkien


As mentioned above, I want to read it! It’s about time! 

Mom and Me and Mom 

– Maya Angelou


I saw a video on YouTube, of Emma Watson hiding multiple copies of these books all over New York Subway and I instantly wanted to read it. I don’t know why…Hermione recommended it… 


– Madeline Miller 


This has been on TBR for a long time. And it’s about time it got justice! 


– Cristopher Paolini

eragon.jpgAnother book that others did not enjoy but I really want to read! 

Featured image designed with the help of

Book Cover images derived from Google

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you have already read the books and if you have, what do you think about them? 

Have a great day! 

 A reader has lived a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. 

– George R.R.Martin

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You’re Not Good Enough Harry Potter Book Tag.

You’re Not Good Enough Harry Potter Book Tag.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great day! I got the results of my test, I am fine, I have some sort of inflection which is totally curable though I have to rest for a few weeks. Thank you to everyone who supported me in the last post. I really appreciate it!

Today I am going to be doing a Harry Potter book tag which I saw many people do, and I am so excited to do this!!!!

The Create-a-preneur



  • Write 30 character names on pieces of paper.
  • Put them in a jar/mug/cup.
  • Randomly choose two pieces of paper for every question.
  • In each of the 15 questions, you have to decide which of the two characters fits the question.


You only have one more spot on your spelling bee team. Who do you pick to complete your team?

Ginny vs. Dean

Ginny, because she is a very intelligent person. In the books, she is more badass. I might have to stop her from doing the Bat-Bogey Hex on the opposite team if they played by any unfair means…

Both characters want to kill you. Which one would you kill first so you have a better chance of surviving?

Harry vs. George

Ahhhhh!!!! Are you trying to kill me bowl???? How can I kill Harry or George? George already lost Fred! I can’t kill another Weasley?! What have I done that they want to kill me.??? I guess I would…kill…Harry as he IS much better at spells and stuff. Sorry, Harry.

You’re on the bachelor/bachelorette and you’re down to these two characters. Who are you going to give the rose to?

Lily Evans vs. Fred

Duh… Fred obviously.

You’ve been chosen for the Hunger Games. Who would be most likely to volunteer in your place?

Luna vs. Neville

Both would I guess. I think Luna would more? She’d survive though. She would probably get Wrakspurts and other creatures to help her and she’d survive.

You’re stranded on an island with an active volcano. Which character would you throw into a volcano as a sacrifice?

Tonks vs. Mrs. Weasley 


You’re the next DC/Marvel superhero (with your own TV show, of course). Who is your sidekick?

Bellatrix vs. Charlie

Bellatrix wouldn’t be anyone’s sidekick! She’d be the villain! Charlie might be. He’d have a dragon to assist him maybe…

You’re the manager of an avocado-admiring company. Who would you fire for lack of communication skills?

Fleur vs. Cho

Fleur is a veela! She’d have no problem! Cho might. Cho.

You’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. Who is most likely to comfort you?

Bill vs. Hagrid. 

Hagrid. He’d probably offer me tea and rock cakes, which I wouldn’t eat…Hagrid seems like a comforting person.

Ugh, it’s high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

Hermione vs. Snape

Neither. Snape(you know…) and Hermione, though an amazing, badass witch, would be classified as a nerd. If I have to choose, then Hermione, because she is my favorite character, I know I am partial…

The day has arrived – you’re finally a year older? Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday?

Draco vs. Dumbledore

I wouldn’t be friends with Draco. So, Dumbledore. He’d probably do some amazing magic trick! One never knows with him!

You’ve just found an upcoming booktube star! Who would it most likely be?

Ernie and Dudley

Dudley…..really???? Ernie is a studious kid. So Ernie could be the booktube star!

Sleepover time! Unfortunately, you can only invite one person. Who would you invite?

Ron vs. Albus Severus

Albus obviously. He’d be much adventurous!

BAM, you’re pregnant. Who is the father/mother?

Minerva vs. James Sirius

Firstly this wouldn’t happen to me! But if I have to pick, James, Obviously, he’s the only boy!

You’ve just written a super important text. Who would see it, but not reply?

Seamus vs. Sirius

Seamus. Sirius would text for hours on the end. Not Sirius! Maybe Seamus would say, “Me mam didn’t want me to reply.”

You’ve just woken up and it’s time for breakfast. Your mum’s been replaced by … WHO?!

Lily Luna vs. Voldemort



Thank you’ll for reading! Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. I’d love to hear from you’ll. Also, let me know if you liked my answers or were they slightly partial!?

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Some great bookmarks for fellow readers!

Some great bookmarks for fellow readers!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! It never gets “cold in Calcutta, as it never goes below 68. So, this is my favorite time of the year! The Christmas Tree has been set up in our house and it looks great! (I wish I could show you’ll pics but I can’t because of some issues.) So anyway, I am going to be sharing a few bookmarks I found and downloaded from Canva. You can go to and check out some amazing bookmarks there. You can easily print it on those hard glossy papers and use them! They are so pretty! I decided to share a few of my favs with you all, so here goes!

The ones I chose are related to books(no surprise there!) but there are many others also available on Canva and you can choose whatever you like.

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Hex Hall || Rachel Hawkins|| Book Review ||

Hex Hall || Rachel Hawkins|| Book Review ||

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be writing a book review on one of the books I recently read and liked!

This is the first book in the Hex Hall series. There are a total of three books in the series:

  1. Hex Hall
  2. Demonglass
  3. Spell Bound

Book Name: Hex Hall.

Author: Rachel Hawkins.

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy.

Rating: 8/10


Three years ago on her thirteenth birthday, Sophie Mercer discovered she is a half witch. She has done many “weird” spells before but none as disastrous as the prom spell she did for a friend which landed her in a school for Witches, warlocks, shapeshifters, and faeries known as Hecate or Hex Hall for short. So it’s safe to say that it didn’t go well… Oh her very first day Sophie manages to befriend the school outcast( who is also a vampire and her roommate!), make enemies with the three most popular girls and have a crush on the most popular boy in the school. That and she gets detention for the whole term! But this isn’t just any high school drama story, no no no! Sophie learns about some very mysterious things as she learns more about Hex Hall. The year before, a girl named Holly was killed and Jenna(her vampire friend) is suspected of the murder. This year, two girls are attacked with two holes in their necks and a lot of blood drained out from their bodies and both times Jenna has been near the crime scene. Is Jenna behind these attacks? Who is this ghost who stares fixedly at Sophie when she’s alone? How is it that she is the weakest witch there? Or is she a witch at all?

Hope you guys liked the book review, let me know in the comments if you did!

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Percy Jackson||Greek Goods|| Book Review

Percy Jackson||Greek Goods|| Book Review

Hello everyone! I’m back after a long time and I must say the things have sorted out a little bit and everything will be alright in a month or two. I thank you’ll for being so understanding. I will still not be blogging regularly maybe but will try and post at least twice a week. Today I am going to be doing a book review about a really good book. You’ll should read it if you want a good start on Greek Mythology but you’re a little bored of history books. Its also a great way to teach children about Greek Mythology. It is not connected to the Percy Jackson series but is narrated by the character. It illustrates so many things in a hilarious way and you cannot help but laugh at the narration! Without further ado, let’s begin!

Book Name:Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Author: Rick Riordan

Rating: 7/10(You might wonder why I give this a 7/10. This is because I consider myself to be pretty educated in Greek Mythology and it was like a hilarious recap for me. I hope this will not change your view towards this book as this is my personal rating.)

Genre: YA, Greek Mythology, History.

Summary: Our all-time favorite hero Percy Jackson is now a history teacher! Just kidding! This is literally the most easiest way anyone could know the basics about Greek Mythology. The book starts from the time before the Greek Gods, the rule of Ouranus, followed by Kronus, the biggest douche-bag ever!(I think!) It then focuses on the rule of Zeus and the other gods. Each chapter is dedicated to a Greek God or Goddess, telling us all about their good deeds and mis-deeds, which you may be surprised to know are A LOT, like A LOT!

Hope you enjoy it!


I really like the fact that Percy Jackson is narrating this book, because let’s face it, very few children exist who don’t know who he is! Many children might be tempted to read it because it is narrated by him! This is an amazing way of teaching children Greek Mythology! I wouldn’t even call it “teaching”! I really admire Rick Riordan for doing this! It is also very interesting! Once you start to read it, you will be caught up and won’t want to put it down! If you are an adult reading this post, I recommend you to read this book first before you give it to a child below the age of 10. 

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a nice day! Let me your thoughts about the book in the comments! 


Currently Reading Book Tag

Currently Reading Book Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a good day! Today I am going to do the Currently Reading Book Tag which I saw at Boston Book Reader and I thought it’d be fun to do!


I read about 3 or 4 books at once. As of now I am reading 6 books.


I read e-books and it is rather rare that I read paperback or hardback books. But, I do own a large collection of paperback and hardback books and I have a bookmark for each of them. I generally do not lose bookmarks.


I keep them on my bedside cabinet or on my desk.


Hmm… that’s a difficult question. Lets see, on holidays I read in the morning and on school days I read in the afternoon. And I also read at night for half an hour to help me sleep regardless of school or no school!


I read about 30 mins in one sitting. It’s just impossible to tear me apart from my book before that…(all my fellow bookworms will understand…)


I read hardbacks with the dust jacket off. Otherwise it just keeps on slipping away!


I usually read in a sitting or half-sitting position.



I hope you’ll like my answers. Let me know in the comments section if you did or if you can relate to them.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day! 🙂


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1

Hello everybody I hope you are all having a good day! I was nominated by Andie@Andrea’s Nirvana  to do this tag! And if you guys haven’t checked out her blog…go and do it!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.



                                                                                   -JASON GRACE 

This quote is from the series The Trials of Apollo (The Burning Maze) by Rick Riordan.

Those who have read Percy Jackson will know that demigods live a very dangerous live! Gods send them on dangerous quests. Imagine having to retrieve Zeus’ lightning bolt!

In this book series Apollo is turned into a demigod by Zeus for bad behavior. ( Please don’t blast me Lord Apollo!) Now, as Apollo struggles to become a God again, he realizes that demigods live under constant danger and is sorry for all those times he sent demigods on such quests. Jason Grace, a very important character in The Heroes of Olympus series, reminds the former God of this. Sadly, Jason dies in this book :(.

                                 I TAG:




If you guys haven’t checked out their blogs, then please do! YOU MUST!

I hope you guys liked this! If you have read this book series then let me know in the comments section and also, let me know whether you liked this quote. 

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day!!




Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day! This is a post about a thing which has played a very huge part in every child’s life…Disney!

I have been watching Disney shows since forever! Now that I am a teenager I still watch Disney, but real life TV shows if course!

Disney is entertaining and educational. At the end of every episode, of any show, has a moral.

I just don’t understand why people go for crap Bollywood and Hollywood songs. They are pointless! Useless! No moral but only an addiction. It is satisfaction which is received when hearing these crap songs which encourage them to hear more and more of it!

Why would people want this when there are things such as BOOKS AND DISNEY?

I have never been interested in songs. Well, except for Disney movie and shows songs(which basically tell you to be yourself). I also am learning to play guitar.

Here are some Disney Channel Shows that I like and would recommend to any teen:

  1. Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  2. Suite Life on Deck
  3. Good Luck Charlie
  4. Jessie
  5. Austin and Ally
  6. Sonny with a Chance
  7. So Random
  8. Wizards of Waverly Place
  9. That’s So Raven
  10. Raven’s Home
  11. Liv and Maddie
  12. Stuck in the middle
  13. Shake it Up
  14. K.C.Undercover
  15. Dog with a Blog
  16. I didn’t do it
  17. A.N.T. Farm

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Through thick and thin. Books are always there for you.

Through thick and thin. Books are always there for you.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day!Today I want to do a post about something which I love…books.I have been wanting to do this post for a long time. So here goes!

We lose ourselves in books but we find ourselves there too…

Every book that I have read has a unique plot and with my own imagination I have always made another fictional character in the plot which I felt like ought to be there!

I have been reading since I was 9 years old. Before that…not so much…I never found a book that I really liked. Then one day I went, with my family, to the house of a friend of my father. He asked me whether I read books? I answered “Sometimes. I have been trying to read the Secret Seven.”

He gave me two books. Famous Five. Five on Kirrin Island Again and Five go to Billycock Hill. I went home and started to read the first one. This was the sixth book in the series but I understood the plot quite well. I have never had problems with these kind of things. I stared to read the third PJO book and I understood.

From that day onward I have been addicted to reading. I love to sit and read and read and read. I don’t understand what people do in their free time if they hate to read! So many people I know HATE READING!!!

When I am happy books make me happier. When I am sad, books make me happy. Whatever books always make you happy!

Do you read books? If yes, what genre of books do you like? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you and have and amazing day!

WWW Wednesday

Hello everyone! So, today is my second time doing WWW Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Words. There are three simple questions to be answered. So, here goes!


I am currently reading Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I must say that the book is amazing!!!!!


I recently finished reading Hunger Games and that book was one of the best I have ever read(the first is HP and second is PJO)


I am SURE I will read Hunger Games: Mockingjay!

Well, this has been a Hunger Games post!

I hope you have a great day!

A small PJO joke! 👆👆

Just read…+Thank you!

Just read…+Thank you!

Hello everybody! I hope you are having a nice day! so, today’s post is about something which I love…reading!

I have soooo many friends who don’t like to read. Some like to read about one genre and will not expand to other. Some just read to “expand vocabulary”! Some just hate to read outside academics! Why can’t just people read to have fun, to explore stories, to be one of the characters!

I love to read! Nothing is there in the world to just sit on pillows and read in the night! At least to me!

Please let me know your thoughts!

And of course… A big thank you everybody who have viewed, followed or liked my blog!

Thank you!

Have a Great day!😊😃